The Top 8 Ways to Market Your Online Personal Training Business for Free


Oct 14, 2021

By Tim Saye

In any business, you have to ensure your marketing is on point. As a personal trainer, this is no different. Just because you're working for yourself and it's very much unlike a typical office job, it doesn't mean you don't have to focus your efforts on how potential new clients will find you. If you can't put yourself out there and get into the minds of people nearby, then your vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition will be going to waste. 
However, fear not, as marketing yourself for free is both entirely possible and something you can do quite efficiently. People will always need personal trainers because not everyone can easily keep fit on their own or learn the proper ways to achieve their fitness goals. There will always be people who need help with motivation and self-esteem when working out, and it's a personal trainer's job to help them do just that. So here are 8 ways to market your in-person or online personal training business for free!

#1. Social Media

In this day and age, social media is seemingly the king of free publicity and marketing.
Instagram is number one in visual content, ruling over most other platforms. If mostly young professional adults are your ideal clients, being present on Instagram is huge.
Twitter is also a great way of attracting people as it's a fast-paced and instant method of getting a message across. You can network easily with people and get to know like-minded individuals. 

Then you have Facebook, where you can create groups and have people link up with you if they so choose. 

LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking. If you're targetting people who have high-end jobs such as CEOs and company owners, you'll find them more active on LinkedIn than on any other social media platform. 

TikTok is becoming more and more popular among the youngest target audience, so if that's where you'll most likely find future clients, it's worth understanding how it works and how best you can create engaging content for them.

#2. Guest Posts On Blogs

Blogs are as popular as ever because written content does so well online. People love reading up on topics close to their hearts, especially when trying to learn how to overcome challenges with their fitness and health. On top of that, blogs boost a site's SEO which makes it a brilliant way of sharing a message and keeping that message visible for a long time. Whether you're a writer or not, it's good to get involved in this kind of work as it'll expand your reach and make people appreciate you in an entirely new way.

#3. Video Content

People love watching action-packed video content that makes them think a little differently. The idea of watching a workout session with a twist or watching something that teaches them is a lot more exciting than sitting down and studying. When it comes to fitness, people want instant results. If you can display specific exercises or show insight into certain classes, it'll be very attractive. 

#4. Ask People To Share!

Asking people to do you a small favour and share your content isn't that much to ask. Especially when you keep publishing valuable content and helpful advice, people who care and those that have benefited from your services and guidance in the past will be more than happy to promote you a little and share the news about what you have to offer. You could also add in a referral bonus or discount for those who refer a friend. 

#5. Exclusive Offers

Whether that's a limited time discount offer or free add-ons when someone signs up, well-timed and carefully designed offers can drive more business. For instance, you could offer people a discount if they get in quickly. Perhaps the first twenty people who buy from you will be able to get it at a lower price. This scarcity will create urgency and make people speed up a little.

#6. Public Speaking Events

First of all, public speaking might not be every personal trainer's cup of tea. However, even if you feel a little reluctant, it might be beneficial to try yourself outside your comfort zone. Public speaking will allow you to show people your charismatic side. People listening may be more inclined to then work with you or to take classes with you. You can do this at public events or maybe even on YouTube if you feel like that's a legitimate avenue to go down. 

#7. Email Marketing

While social media is there for you to share your thoughts and content to anyone interested, email marketing is a great tool to keep providing your audience with valuable content after they have already shown interest in what you have to say via your blogs or free downloads. It's one of the most powerful marketing methods because you can reach your subscribers directly via their inbox. Receiving updates from you will consciously and subconsciously keep people interested in whatever you have to say. 

#8. Infographics

Infographics not only provide a lot of insight into a specific topic, but they're also pretty easy on the eyes. For this reason, people enjoy looking at them. So, if you can conjure up a few graphics, it's worth doing. People will stop and take notice of you if they have a few minutes to spare. You could talk about a particular facet of fitness and nutrition, little nuggets of information that will help them make better choices.


If you're a newbie personal trainer or currently don't have a huge budget to spend on fitness marketing, worry no more. You can carry on driving new potential clients towards your fitness business for little to no money applying the strategies above.