Our Story

Helping trainers reach their full potential

The vision

We began PTD with an idea and an ambition to help personal trainers build thriving businesses through the use of intelligent software. Eight years on, PTD has become an essential platform that allows thousands of trainers across the globe to reach millions of clients - each and every day. The progression of technology brings us infinite opportunities to evolve PTD, making that original idea still as exciting as ever.

Made by trainers, for trainers

Years of industry experience helped us understand what’s essential to personal training businesses. Every feature of PTD supports the unique needs of Personal Training and is highly flexible to celebrate the unique approaches of each and every trainer. Continual dialogue with our trainers enables us understand how PTD will help them do what they do best, both now and into the future.

Hey there —
It’s Tim and Adam from PTD.

In 2010, we combined our skills in Personal Training (Tim) and Software Development (Adam) to bring an idea to life that has grown into something more meaningful than we’d ever imagined.

It began in 2009, when Tim moved from London to Sydney with a 1 year visa. This meant leaving a full rota of Personal Training clients to start a new adventure. But finding local clients, while paying flat and gym rent quickly became a huge challenge and the year of working abroad become tough. As the year progressed, clients were coming in and debts were paid off, yet it was a bitter-sweet feeling. The eventual trip home would mean leaving everyone behind to start again.

Tim was keen to continue helping his Australian clients who'd worked so hard to get incredible results, and keep some income while in London, online coaching seemed the obvious answer. They all loved the idea, but how to deliver it?

At that time, nothing was available to effectively coach or assess clients online (established softwares were set up for beginner coaches and email, word docs and spreadsheets were never going to cut it). So together, we built the first version of PT Distinction. PTD began with the idea that online coaching should get amazing results and the best trainers should be able to help a lot of clients. We wanted to enable trainers to help clients achieve their best, from anywhere in the world.

In 2017 we linked up with some of world's premier sports app designers who's work includes apps for many international teams and associations, our team continues to grow every year. PTD today, is the combination of top level personal trainers working with world class designers and developers. We take enormous pride in being rated the number 1 software for personal trainers on Trustpilot, Capterra, Software Advice, Get App, yet our true measure of success comes from the success of each and every trainer utilising PT Distinction.

Tim & Adam Saye


Guided by our principles

With the evolution of personal training and rapid changes in technology, we keep PTD ahead of the curve by continually releasing updates, features and innovations. While things inevitably change, we are guided by our six core design principles to ensure we remain the same PTD platform our trainers have always loved.
Everything in one place
PTD is central to everything a personal trainer needs for their business. We will always ensure access to everything is seamless, easy to use and daily operations are a delight.

Works around the trainer

People run the technology and not the other way round. Configuration and customization of PTD should allow trainers to set-up PTD in the best way for their situation.

Freedom to express

Personal Training can be delivered in many unique and varied ways. We will always support the unique expression of each trainer and the clients they work with.

An invisible partner

We happily sit in the background, and clients shouldn’t ever know who we are, as we believe PTD should solely be about the trainer and their business.

Support network

Personal Training is a movement owned by the trainers. Their quest is to transform lives, and we support the needs of trainers in any way we can, from software to education, to community initiatives.

Endless improvement

As both technology and the training industry progress, we will continually refine and innovate our software to ensure we bring the best business platform to our trainers and experience their clients.