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Transform the lives of people living anywhere in the world with PT Distinction. Let's look at the features of our personal trainer software.


Starting out is quick and easy, with helpful ‘how-to’ guides and built-in training resources ready to get you going.
Branded Apps feature

Brand your experience

From colour scheme to app icon, our branding tool-kit gives you the power to create your very own custom branded apps and website.
Client Result Feature

Build a client database

PTD’s intelligent client management system makes adding and managing new clients incredibly easy, PTD Groups enable you to streamline everything.
Workout programs feature

Create programs and assets

Our range of easy-to-use tools allow you to modify our pre-built training programs and resources, or dive-in and create everything you need from scratch.


Everything you choose to assign or schedule is delivered immediately to each client through your branded app and website.
create unlimited groups

Configure anything

Designed for ultimate flexibility, express your unique style of training with all the tools and resources at your fingertips.
every aspect of any training schedule

Smart scheduling

Every aspect of your training schedule can be automated, ensuring clients are always ready to go, even if you’re not.
automated reminders

Time-saving tools

Automated packages, scheduled messaging, and group training is just a sample of PTD’s smart time-savers.

Keep watch

With your training programs in action, PTD keeps you informed of all client progress, in real-time. You’ll never miss a beat.
Evaluate with feedback

Activity feeds

Dynamic client feeds keep you on top of workouts results, habit adherence, meal updates and much more.
client result tracking

Live results tracking

Smart data visuals quickly let you know who’s keeping up with their schedule and how your business is tracking overall.
pre-schedule communication

Communicate anything

Give quick feedback through an instant message, start group chats or schedule a timely broadcast, it’s all in your hands.
branded apps feature

Branded Apps

Your own custom-branded iOS and Android apps.

workout programs feature

Workout programs

Build any type of program to train clients in your own unique way.

assessments feature for personal trainers


Built-in, or custom assessments to help you better understand your client's needs

groups feature for personal trainers


Offer challenges, trials, flagship programs, and group training.

nutrition coaching feature for personal trainers

Nutrition coaching

All the tools you need to coach and track your client's nutrition.

communication feature for personal trainers


Quickly schedule and send email, SMS, and app messages to your clients.

automated workflows feature for personal trainers

Automated workflows

Flexible workflows that automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks

habit tracking feature for personal trainers


Build long-term results by improving nutrition, training and lifestyle habits

client result feature for personal trainers

Client results

Keep on top of your client's workout results, habits, meal updates, and more.

all the integrations you will need with your personal trainer software


Take payments and track client metrics with our complete set of industry-leading integrations.

pre-made template feature for personal trainers

Pre-made templates

Create training content quickly and easily with built-in templates

Your very own AI assistant

AI Assistant

Simply ask and the AI Assistant will produce meal plans, blogs, training ideas, recipes, and much more.

Features Unpacked

Platforms and devices

Trainer admin portal

Beautifully optimized for desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. Your trainer portal is the beating heart of your online training business

iOS & Android client apps

Clients like to train and track via a mobile phone or tablet. Login in via a computer is too limiting for most. An app or perfectly optimized website integration gives clients a perfect mobile experience for their training.

Web client portal

Clients can login into their training schedule and everything associated via any web-enabled device. The portal has its own web address that you can customize and make your own.

Web site integration

Hosting your client's login on your own website gives a central hub that you own. It looks incredibly professional and brings people to your website for a long time, this is a huge boost for your website's Google ranking.

Custom Branding

Everything can be branded as your own. Your app icon on your client's mobile serves as a constant reminder of you and your brand. Keeping you at the top of clients, minds has been shown to increase client retention and even improve clients' results.

Apple Watch App

Our Apple Watch integration allows you to monitor your client's exercise, steps, sleep, workouts, heart rate, and calories burned.
This app gives you a complete overview of your client's activity and lets you see it alongside their overall progress in PT Distinction.

Training programs

Build circuits, supersets, giant sets, 6-12-25 etc...

Having the ability to quickly build any type of program gives you the tools to vary programs and keep clients progressing long-term.

Build multiple workouts on one page

Most clients will have more than one workout for every period/ phase of training. Being able to put multiple workouts together on one screen makes it easy to create programs that work synergistically and maximize the results for your client.

Client Exercise technique reviews

When clients train remotely it's just as important their technique is correct than when they're training with you in person. Poor technique leads to poor performance and injury. Our apps allow clients to video their technique while training which goes straight to you for review.

Exercise results and progress charts

When clients add results, you get to see them immediately. You can check history and charts to see progress with a glance. Clients enjoy seeing results and visual charts to show their progress.

Flexible use of templates

Experienced trainers have systems in place that give similar types of programs for similar types of clients. Having these set up as templates that you can adjust for each individual is a big time saver compared to making similar programs from scratch.

Movement screens and posture examination

Movement screen assessments allow you to create training programs specific to each client's individual patterns. Giving you thechance to reduce clients' chances of injury and improve long-term performance.

Pre-made exercise videos

Making exercise demo videos is time-consuming. Having this pre-done for you allows you to offer quality remote training to clients straight away.

Pre-made program templates

Quality program templates made by highly educated trainers are done for you and ready to use with your clients. You can use these out of the box or edit them to suit your individual clients.

Add your own exercises

We have thousands of exercise videos, but if you prefer to swap them for your own or simply add any, we don’t have. You can add your own in a few clicks.

YouTube and Vimeo integration

With our direct YouTube and Vimeo integrations, you can add any public video from those channels. These can be exercise demos or coaching videos; just find the video you want and add the URL.


Every item has the ability to be scheduled

Pre-schedule anything for your clients. This means you can do the work when it suits you, and rest assured it will be delivered to your clients exactly when you want them to have it.

Intuitive calendar controls

Move and add items to your client's calendar with ease. You can also allow clients to move anything in their schedule should you wish to give them extra flexibility.

Specific day or complex repeating

Schedule items on a specific day or repeat items weekly, daily, monthly, or on set days every week. Scheduling with PT Distinction is fast and easy.

Workout progressions calculator

As you schedule programs, add progressions to ensure your clients are always improving their results.

Alerts & notifications

Clients get a notification for every item in their schedule, meaning they never forget a training session, habit to track etc… Automating reminders increases adherence by over 90% and improves client retention

Check-ins and missed schedule monitoring

You and your clients get to see their adherence to all of the items you’ve scheduled for them, see what your clients did and what they missed at a glance.

Coaching Tools

Video Coaching

Video coaching allows you to coach your client's nutrition and new habits, teach them to eat well, and even provide cooking lessons and grocery shopping tours.

Habit coaching/tracking

Habit coaching has been proven to create the best long-term results for clients, improving their nutrition, training habits, and lifestyle. You can setup a habit in minutes and have clients track it for as long as you wish them to.

Add recipes

Recipes give clients great meal ideas that fit with your nutrition coaching without the inflexible nature of meal plans. You can add your own recipes and share them with clients inside your app.

Photo food diary

Food tracking has been proven to dramatically increase clients' body composition and weight loss results. Taking photographs of meals is the easiest way to track food and leaves no room for human error when calculating portion sizes.

My Fitness Pal (MFP) integration

My Fitness Pal is the world's most popular nutrition tracker. Many clients will already be familiar with MFP, and most regard it as the most robust food tracker. Being able to see the foods your clients eat, the calories they consume, and the macro-nutrient breakdown gives you the tools to virtually guarantee results.

Macro/calorie calculation

Your client's goals and macros are all pulled in from MFP and summarized in PT Distinction. See your client's totals, macro breakdowns, and even averages over time.

Meal plans

Meal plan examples can help your clients as a part of the nutrition coaching process. While creating specific meal plans is outside the scope of practice for trainers, we provide hundreds of example plans that you can share with clients to assist their quality nutrition and habit coaching.

Add documents, spreadsheets, and PDF

You can add coaching documents, PDFs, and sheets to give your clients guides, welcome packs, recipe ideas, and more.

Pre-made nutrition coaching templates to share with your clients

High-class (unbranded) nutrition coaching templates made by degree-qualified nutritionists are done for you and ready to use with your clients. You canuse these out of the box or edit them to suit your ideas and coaching philosophy.

AI Assistant

Training AI

The AI complements your training by providing assistance with program ideas and methods to complement your training packages
This empowers you to offer a comprehensive and multifaceted training experience to your clients, enhancing both their satisfaction and results

Nutrition AI

The nutrition AI can help with customized nutrition guides, meal plans, and curated recipes.
This smart assistant will greatly bolster your clients' nutritional training, fostering healthier habits and supporting their overall fitness journey.

Marketing AI

Want some help with your marketing material? The marketing AI is here to help.Get the AI to write blogs, social media posts, sales, and marketing content in seconds.

Monitoring & Communication


Chat with clients and your groups with our inbuilt messenger. You can pre-schedule messages, making it easy to stay on top of client communication without being constantly attached to your phone.

Message from your email

Create, send, and schedule emails that are delivered from your email address. Your current level of personalization with all the power of scheduling and sending to multiple clients at once.

Pre-scheduled messaging

Schedule your messages to drip feed at the exact times, dates, or days after joining you want. You can do this for individual clients or even pre-schedule when messages go out to multiple clients. Great for encouraging clients, increasing engagement, or running group packages with automated messaging.

Group messaging

Create team spirit and camaraderie in your groups with group messaging and chat.

Automated reminders

Our software automatically sends notifications to remind your clients of events workouts, and to keep them motivated. Automating reminders increases adherence by over 90% and improves client retention

Group Training

Offer Group Training

Train groups with ease using PTD Groups. Set up your content once and share it with the whole group.

Edit group programs for individuals

Want to give coaching to multiple clients but still individualize it? No problem, you can do this with ease.

Group messenger or forum

Enable group messenger so your members can communicate in your group chat. You can turn this on or off depending on how you wish to run your groups.

Packages and payments

One-off payments

Take one-off payments with our PayPal integration, or use any merchant you like and add your clients.

Recurring payments

Take recurring payments with our PayPal integration, or use any merchant you like and add your clients.

Sell pre-made packages

Sell pre-made packages on your own website and have new clients automatically added inside PT Distinction. Clients can login instantly on your website or apps and receive all of the content you already set up in your package.

Sell packages with recurring payment

Sell your packages with a one-off payment or choose recurring payment. Your packages can last as long as you wish them to.

Sell on your own website

Some software lets you make packages but then ask you to sell them on a packages page they set up for you. Sadly, nobody signs up for packages on a page like that. With PT Distinction, you get to sell your packages on your own website, meaning you control the sales process, and clients actually sign up.

Marketing & business growth

Set up challenges

Online challenges are great to build trust, bring in new clients and grow your business. With PT Distinction, you can run them with ease, and we’ll cover the cost of the challenge. Use these challenges to get people results before they become clients, and we’ll pay for their accounts during the challenge.

Set up Automated Free Trials

Free trials are a great way to show your group programs and bring in new clients. With PT Distinction you can quickly run them, and we cover the cost of the new trial.

Set up automated sample programs

Giving away sample programs is a great way to show prospective clients the type of service you offer and attract them to sign up.With PT Distinction, you can quickly set these up and offer them to prospective clients, we’ll even cover the cost for you.

Practical Marketing guides

Access our library with top-notch business and marketing resources and learn from experts to grow your online business. Exclusive interviews with industry leaders like Jon Goodman, AJ Mihrzad, Paul Mort, Joey Percia, Sukh Sidhu, Linh Trinh, Dan Salcumbe, Tim Drummond, Janak Patel, and many more.

Build Systems For A Scalable Training Business

The only software that lets you create systems that grow your business how you want. 1-1 online training, flagship courses, challenges, free trials, nutrition coaching methods of your own, or integrate methods like Precision Nutrition’s, membership sites, hybrid systems, and more. Use our marketing resources to add new layers to your business.



Keep track of your clients' steps and activity with our smooth Fitbit integration

My Fitness Pal

The only complete integration of My Fitness Pal in the industry. Your client's food, meals, macros, calories, and micro-nutrients all come into PT Distinction. You also get daily/ weekly summaries with goals and averages to ensure you have everything you need to analyze your client's meals.


Take payment with Stripe and link it up with Zapier to automatically add clients to PT Distinction and your packages.


The only software that lets you create systems that grow your business how you want. 1-1 online training, flagship courses, challenges, free trials, nutrition coaching methods of your own, or integrate methods like Precision Nutrition’s, membership sites, hybrid systems, and more. Use our marketing resources to add new layers to your business.


Add exercise or coaching videos from YouTube and have them show them to clients directly inside your programs and coaching plans, giving you near unlimited exercises and content to use with your clients.


Add exercise or coaching video from Vimeo and have them show to clients directly inside your programs and coaching plans, giving you near unlimited exercises and content to use with your clients.


With our Zapier integration, you can link thousands of platforms to PT Distinction. Link up your favorite booking software, membership platform, payment processor, form builder, email automation etc… with ease.

Monitoring and Navigation

Live activity feeds

See exactly what your clients have done (and not done! in real-time with our live feeds.

Program health

See when all of your clients need new programs at a glance with the program health traffic light system.

Summary widgets

Check all of your clients' adherence in a moment. Quickly see which clients are following the plan and which need a little nudge to get them on track.

Global navigation Search

Get to any client, group, program, assessment etc.. by typing it into global search. Everything inside your account is just one word away. Navigation has never been so fast and simple.

Proper online assessments

Movement screens

Check your client's structure and movement with inbuilt movement screen assessments, clients can video their movements so you can build programs for their specific needs.

Body comp analysis

Check your client's tape measurements, body fat %, BMI, weight and more withour inbuild body composition assessments.

Flexibility tests

See how flexible your clients are and what they need to work on in able to train at their best.

Endurance tests

Analyze your client's fitness levels with endurance and cardiovascular tests.

Strength tests

Test your client's strength with all of the classic strength tests right here for you to include in your client's packages.

Balance tests

Check your client's balance and design programs to help them improve it if needed.

Add custom tests

If we don’t have the assessment tests you like to do with your clients you can add your own with ease.

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