How to get Started on TikTok


Apr 22, 2022

By Tim Saye

Managing social media marketing while running a business, let’s face it, is tricky. You've mastered Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but then find out your audience is using a new social media app. TikTok has been around since 2016 and has grown rapidly, it's now the sixth most popular social channel worldwide. You should be considering TikTok for your social marketing in 2022, but how can you fit it into your busy schedule?

Well, there’s some good news, in this post we show you how to quickly get set up, and start making content on TikTok. We also show you some time-saving tips along the way.

What makes TikTok different?

As soon as you've set up your account we recommend you take a look at the “For You” feed, this is a personalized feed of videos, based on user interests and engagements.

Once browsing this you will see the videos have a particular look and feel. They're visually engaging, often quick to the point, and created by real people.

This is important, as understanding this helps you create content that engages with your TikTok audience.

Creating an account

Setting up an account on TikTok is easy, simply download the TikTok app from either Google Play or the Apple App Store. Open the app, and tap Profile in the bottom right. Choose a method that makes it easy for you to sign up.

Just make sure the contact details you use are valid, as they are needed if you need to recover your account.

Setting up your profile

Next, you will want to make your personal trainer business profile stand out. You will need to:

- Add a profile photo or video - This is your chance to show off your brand, make it count.
- Change your username - Your username is similar to your Instagram, or Twitter handle. Keep it short, and relevant to your fitness business.

Link Instagram, and YouTube accounts

This is a time-saving device, that helps you save time so you can concentrate on training your clients. Within settings, select “Add Instagram to your profile” This will allow you to create a video within TikTok and then share it on Instagram. This also works with YouTube, which means you can post to three social channels at once.

Creating your first video

There's a few of things to consider when creating content on TikTok, these include the look, the sound, and the story.

To create your first TikTok video simply tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen, then you can start creating video content.

When considering the look of your video, always consider the full-screen, vertical experience. You would have noticed that TikTok is all about vertical videos, so think about ways to tell your story in this format.

As you would have noticed, storytelling is at the heart of everything good about TikTok. Think about the structure of your fitness business videos. Use the video as a medium to tell a story, with a clear beginning, a middle, and an ending Try things like client success stories, fitness technique examples, or nutrition advice.

How to make your posts stand out

Like Instagram, and Facebook you can use hashtags on TikTok, using these like you would on the other social channels will make your content more discoverable and help you appear on your target audience’s “For You” feed.

Additionally, the same rules apply to make your videos stand out. Make sure you write clear descriptions in your videos, so your audience can quickly understand who you are and why they should watch your content.

Set up a Pro Account for your Online Personal Trainer business

Like the Facebook, and Instagram business pages TikTok offers a similar service. Which allows you to delve into the analytics to understand your performance and engagement, also allowing you to look at follower growth, and trending videos.

To set up a Pro Account follow these steps:

1. From your profile page, open the “Privacy and Settings” tab.
2. Select “Manage My Account”
3. Tap “Switch to Pro Account”

As simple as that. As soon as you've activated your Pro Account, you’ll find an analytics button under your account options. Set it up and give it a go today.

As with all social channels set it up and give it a go. Still, stuck for ideas? Check out our blog “Top 10 TikTok Fitness Influencers To Inspire Personal Trainers”, take your time, make notes and try out some of the techniques with your followers.