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The Instagram Starter Guide for Personal Trainers

July 8, 2022
tim saye

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Your online personal trainer business must have a base on all social channels. According to Sprout Social, the platform currently has over 2 billion monthly active users. The key here is active users. Instagram is a platform for imagery, and engagement and is perfect for promoting your fitness business.

This guide will show you how to get started on Instagram and use all of the platform's features.

Getting set up with an Instagram account

Let’s start at the beginning and get your personal trainer business set up with an Instagram account.

1. Download the app

You have two options here: download the app or sign up on your computer. Follow this link. Add your email or mobile number, your name, username, and password. You will notice that you can also sign in with Facebook; this could be the best option as you may want to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts in the future.

2. Complete your profile

On the following pages, you will be asked to fill out your profile, which includes:

Username: This is an important step. Your username is what will show on the Instagram platform. To follow best practices, try to use your business name. If that is not available, try and get it as close to your brand as possible.

Profile picture: As with the username, your want to make it instantly recognizable as your brand. Your logo will need to be a minimum of 110x110 pixels. Head on over to, where you will be able to use their templates to help with this.

Switching to a business account

The next step is turning it into a business account to ensure you get the best value from your Instagram profile. Business profiles are a step up from a personal account and give you unique features, such as adding your industry, niche, or address. Finally, you can add a contact button on the profile.

Additionally, you get access to analytics. This is our favorite feature as you can look at the performance of your account and the ability to look at metrics such as actions taken on your profile, impressions, and reach. Link your Instagram and Facebook business accounts to get more data on your social performance.

Finally, having a business account will allow you to advertise on the Instagram platform. This will enable you to pay to either boost a post or target your potential customers by their location, interests, job titles, and even people who have already interacted with your Instagram posts or your website.

Instagram has made it easy to set up your personal trainer business account. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to account settings.

Head on over to your Instagram profile, click on the burger menu (this is the three horizontal lines), click on “settings”, and the “account.”

2. Choose a professional account.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see the blue text which says “Switch to Professional Account” Select this, and choose “continue”. Next, Instagram will ask you to select the category that best describes your account, and now it is time to complete your personal trainer business profile.

Complete your profile

Before you start thinking about posting to your followers, it is essential to complete your whole profile. This will ensure that Instagram’s algorithm will more likely show your content to potential customers and allow your profile to stand out.

Profile name

A good tip for your profile name is to include a searchable keyword within your profile name. For example, as a personal trainer, you may want to have your name or business name followed by “Personal Trainer”. Instagram utilizes the name and username fields in customer search queries, so try this tip to see if it works for you.


Your Instagram bio is your first chance to make a good impression, and having a good one will help you gain more followers and, more importantly, new customers. The best bio includes what your personal trainer business does and who your fitness products are for (your target audience).

You will also want to add a URL to your bio. For example, you could add your website or landing page. Alternatively, you can set up a free Linktree account, which will allow you to create custom links within your Linktree account. This is great if you have a different landing page or multiple products you want to sell.

Take a look at our guide on How to write a killer Instagram bio to get new personal training clients

Just like other social channels, you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of each channel. Instagram is no exception. Following the advice in this post will give you the best chance for you to start getting personal trainer clients on Instagram

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