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Online Fitness Marketing Ideas for Personal Trainers

July 28, 2023
tim saye

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One of the main issues we hear when face-to-face personal trainers move to online coaching is understanding the importance of online fitness marketing and the value it can add to their business.

Understanding online marketing for fitness trainers can be the key to reaching a broader audience, attracting potential clients, and moving you forward in your fitness business journey.

This post will give you all of our favorite insights and easy-to-follow actionable ideas on fitness marketing online, helping you to understand the benefits of online marketing for fitness trainers.

What is Online Fitness Marketing?

Let’s start with the basics, online fitness marketing will help you connect with your ideal customer in the right place at the right time across your defined marketing channels (more on this later).

Your ultimate goal is, and should always be, convincing your target audience that you are the best person to help them in their fitness journey.

Fitness marketing online has many experts, case studies, and tips, but it all centers around your potential audiences' needs, and you will use your knowledge across your chosen online marketing channel to persuade them that you hold the key to resolving their needs.

Establish Your Online Presence

Creating a strong presence is the cornerstone of your business's success in online fitness marketing.

If you are just starting, you may not have the time to build a website. This is where personal trainer software like PT Distinction can help. You can easily and quickly set up a landing page for your fitness business.

A professional website enhances your credibility and is a central hub for potential clients to discover your services, approach, and accomplishments. Ensure your website is optimized for "online fitness marketing," "fitness marketing for trainers," and "fitness marketing online," strategically embedding these keywords to improve search visibility.

Leveraging Social Media for Success

Social media marketing will be your primary area of online fitness marketing. You are connecting personal trainers and fitness professionals with a vast audience of potential clients.

We have gone into detail previously about the different platforms you can use. Still, we recommend focusing on one or two, and then when you are confident with the platform, consider using additional social media channels for your online fitness marketing.

Want to start learning about the social channels we recommend, then take a look at our Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn

To get the most these social channels, you will want to use content that captures your audience's attention. Share fitness tips, motivational quotes, customer reviews, and workout videos that showcase your unique training expertise.

Using the correct hashtags will boost your ability to get in from of more potential clients.

You should start with some of the more popular hashtags and then play around with more unique ones targeted to your individual training method. You should start with #FitnessMotivation, #FitnessGoals, #HealthyLifestyle, #WeightLossJourney. We have 100s of potential hashtags to use in our guide.

Email Marketing for Personal Trainers

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. The ability to engage with an active audience, nurture leads & relationships, and promote your fitness services to an audience that wants to hear from you is a game changer for utilizing online fitness marketing.

Build an Engaged Email List

Building a dedicated email list of potential clients that have actively given you their email addresses is vital. Offer valuable incentives to capture these email addresses, such as free workout guides or nutrition tips.

Build Engaging Newsletters

I want to reiterate that you do not need to be a design master. There are loads of great free email platforms that will offer you free templates with your package.

Keep your content simple. People want to avoid seeing reels of content. First, give fitness advice, success stories, and upcoming promotions or new products.

Peronalization for More Engagement

Personalizing your emails is a great online fitness marketing hack. Virtually all email marketing systems allow you to do it, and we highly recommend it.

First, if you have names, address your users by them, and you may even want to segment them based on certain factors, such as fitness goals, location, the package they are subscribed to, or fitness level.

Build a Community

A compelling fitness marketing strategy focuses on building a community of success. Encouraging client success stories, fostering a supportive environment, and celebrating achievements motivate your existing clients and attract new ones who aspire to be part of your thriving fitness community.

To save time, set up a free Facebook Group which will allow you to build a motivated audience, that allows you to provide accountability and support for your fitness business.

A thriving fitness community will give you the edge in your online fitness marketing efforts by allowing you to build your own community that showcases your professional fitness skills.

Encourage Reviews

Reviews have become an essential part of any online fitness marketing strategy. As a personal trainer, harnessing the power of positive reviews can significantly impact your reputation, attract more clients, and strengthen your online presence.

Make Your Clients Experience Memorable

Providing personalized workout plans, offering expert advice, and making your client experience your number one priority will leave a last positive experience for your clients.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Feedback

We see this mistake often. You have given your valuable fitness experience but are afraid to ask for feedback. To help with this, why don’t you request a review after a successful training session or when the client has reached a milestone in their fitness journey?

When you have asked, make it easy for them to leave a review and direct them to your Google Business or Facebook page.

Show Off Your Testimonials

Now that you have those reviews, you want to shout about them. Show them off on your social channels, email, and of course, on your website. These will act as social proof of your experience and will supercharge your online fitness marketing.

Elevate Your Online Fitness Marketing Game

As personal trainers continue to make the shift to online coaching, understanding the significance of online fitness marketing becomes paramount. Your success in the digital realm relies on your ability to connect with your ideal clients across various marketing channels and convincingly convey how your services can transform their fitness journeys.

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