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How to Create Your Personal Trainer LinkedIn Business Page

July 1, 2022
tim saye

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This short guide will go through the steps you need to take to create a LinkedIn business page. But first, why should you make a LinkedIn business page for your personal trainer business?

As a busy personal trainer, you want to ensure that you are using all features of your social channels. LinkedIn is no exception; here are some of our top reasons for creating a business page:

- It’s good for SEO. Google indexes LinkedIn pages. Your LinkedIn business page will be visible if a potential client searches for your brand on Google. This is great if you do not have a website.

- Brand Awareness. The average buyer takes around seven views of a brand before making a purchase. Therefore, ensure your brand is in as many locations as possible to get in front of your audience.

- Paid promotion of your business. Having a company page enables you to create a LinkedIn campaign manager account. This is similar to the Facebook ads platform and allows you to promote your brand and advertise on the LinkedIn network.

- Promoting your products and services. Linkedin Company pages allow you to promote and introduce your fitness business's products and services.

- Understand your audience. Using LinkedIn analytics, you can find trending content with your target audience. Additionally, LinkedIn allows you to view and analyze all of your page followers individually.

Setting up your business profile

To get started with creating a LinkedIn business profile for your personal trainer business, follow these simple steps:

1. Add your personal trainer or coaching business

First, log into your Linkedin account and click on the “Work” drop-down menu on the top right of the page.

Select “Create a company Page +.” The setup guide will then allow you to choose the type of company you want to create for your personal trainer or fitness business. Choose “Company” and continue.

Now it is your turn to enter your company name, how you want to be known on LinkedIn, and your company website. LinkedIn shows you a preview so you can see what this will look like live.

2. Enter your company details

Next, LinkedIn asks for your company details. This includes your company industry, company size, and your company type (private, self-employed)

3. Add your assets. Logo and company description

Now it is time for you to get creative. Add your logo and company tagline. Need some help with this? If you head on over to you will be able to create a logo for your profile. Stuck with tagline ideas, have a search for other personal trainer businesses to get some inspiration.

Before selecting “Create Page,” you must agree to the terms and conditions. Once you approve these and select “Create Page,” your business account is created.

4. Finish updating your profile

LinkedIn provides a progress bar that tells you what you still need to add to your profile to tick all of their best practice.

Create a company description

LinkedIn gives you 2,000 characters for you to write your company profile and get as much important information into the first 200 characters as this will appear when your page shows up on a LinkedIn search and will also be the content shown on the Google SERP page.

Add a cover image

For a business, the logo and cover image should work together to be branded and stand out from other companies. A cover image is a chance to bring your page to life. The ideal size for a cover image is 1,128px x 191px. Once again, head on over to where they have a LinkedIn cover image template, which will help you to get started.


You may have an online personal trainer business, but you still want people to find you. Let LinkedIn members know where you’re based by sharing your location.

Custom button

LinkedIn allows you to add a custom button to your business page. This will enable you to drive business actions from your profile. For example, this could be visiting your website, contacting you, or signing up for a newsletter.


LinkedIn allows you to add up to three hashtags to your profile, which should be relevant to your product or service. This will enable you to see and respond to trending posts from the hashtag feed.

This guide will ensure that your LinkedIn business profile page meets all of LinkedIn’s best practices and will give you the best possible chance of being seen by potential customers.

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