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How to get Clients with a Paid LinkedIn Campaign

April 8, 2022
tim saye

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Please raise your hand if you've ever felt intimidated by advertising on LinkedIn. Let’s face it, there's an idea it's just for business people posting about their latest award and not a place for personal trainers to find clients. In truth LinkedIn is a great place for professional networking and is used by many affluent potential clients.

With that comes some good news, getting more online training clients using LinkedIn doesn’t have to be that scary. With the correct structure and plan in place, you can be getting those new leads for your business.

Keep on reading and we will take you through the steps needed to get you set up and going with LinkedIn ads. As a bonus, we've added links for you to get $100 in free LinkedIn ad credits.

To claim your free LinkedIn credit click on one of these links, depending on where you are in the world:

United Kingdom




New Zealand

Republic of Ireland

1. Add your email address, fill out the form, and select the “Get Ad Credit” button

2. LinkedIn will then send you an email with further information on how to claim your credit. You will usually get the voucher in 24-48 hours.

Get Started with a Campaign Manager account

Campaign Manager lets you structure your campaign. Allowing you to set a budget, select goals, choose how you would like to be charged (clicks, or impressions), and also have complete control of who to target.

To advertise on LinkedIn, you will need to have one, if you don’t have it set up yet - It is really quick to create.

3. Once logged into your LinkedIn account, click on “Advertise”, which you will find at the top right of the page

4. Add an account name, select the billing currency and then link your business LinkedIn page

Creating your first Campaign

5. Your campaign setup will start by selecting the objective that matters most for your online personal trainer business. Your chosen objective will change the rest of the campaign setup experience.

For this guide, we will concentrate on the “Conversion” objectives, which are:

- Lead Generation: This objective will help you capture leads on LinkedIn, which will allow you to use a form directly on LinkedIn to capture your customer information. Your ads will be shown to people most likely to fill out a form

- Website Conversions: You will still be capturing leads, but instead of doing it on LinkedIn you'll be sending people to convert on your website.

6. Choose who you want to target

Reach your ideal audience by using LinkedIn’s powerful targeting tools. With over 20 different audience combinations you're sure to find your ideal customer.

- Demographic: job function, age, company, job title.

- Interest: skills and interests, groups.

- Lookalike audience: Create a new audience based on your website visitors (remarketing) or customer lists

Play around with all of these settings until you find your ideal customer.

7. Choose your ad format

Now it is time to get creative, how do you want your ad to appear? LinkedIn allows you to choose one of the following:

- Sponsored Content: This appears directly in the LinkedIn news feed of the people you want to reach. You get to choose between video ads, carousel, or single image ads.

- Message Ads: These let you reach the inbox of your potential customers. Adding a lead generation form to a message ad will give you a powerful lead-generation tool.

- Text Ads: These are very simple forms of LinkedIn advertising. Expect cheaper clicks, but with lower conversions.

8. Select your advert budget and length

As with most paid campaigns, LinkedIn clicks are sold through an auction. You compete with other advertisers who are bidding for the same audience as you.

To give your ad the best chance of being seen, and to also make sure you don't overspend, use the budget settings to give you the control you need to run a successful campaign.

9. Measure and optimize your campaign

Utilizing LinkedIn reporting features will help you track the overall performance of your campaign.

Using this data, you're able to test your ad copy and amend your targeting to ensure your ad campaign is performing for your coaching business.

So, there you have it. Follow the steps above to get your free ad credit and set up your first LinkedIn campaign. Don’t forget to get those free ad credits!

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