Let The World See How Good You Are

Aug 28, 2014

By Tim Saye

The fitness industry is not a healthy a place.

Obesity rates are going up all around the developed world, the average Personal Trainer earns £15,000 a year and most quit within 6 months of getting qualified.

The poor performance of others in our industry provides an incredible opportunity to stand out like a blue pig!...........To almost nullify your competition….. All you have to do is be better and then show that you are better.

How to be better?

1) Get amazing results for your clients.

2) Always improve on your knowledge and education through books and courses.

Those two things alone put you in the top 1% of our industry……. Sad but true.

How to show that you are better?

- Show the results you get and share quality information that helps people and displays that you are an expert.

Then all you have to do is get seen. This part is strangely where so many trainers go wrong……

Why do some trainers never get seen??

Some don’t know how to get seen (see bellow for a list)

However… a lot of it comes down to the fact that we never feel what we have got is quite perfect - the website, the flyers are not quite as you dreamt them being, or....

...the old "once I have finished the course I'm on or….

….. got two more testimonials", or …..

….."I can't write about this as everyone knows it already" (this one took me ages to get around - just because some things seem obvious to you with all of your courses, reading and experience does not mean Joe public has a clue about them!)…..

……….. Aim for perfect but don't wait for it…… it will may never arrive!

How do you get seen?

1) Get viewers to your website and blog. - Get it high on Google and give people a reason to visit.

- if you want I can put you in touch with the guy that has put PT Distinction's online personal training software on page one for all of its very competitive keywords (he is very good and only £100 a month) - fear not, I don't take commissions, just recommend where it can help.

2) Cross promote services with the best local cafes, hairdressers and physios.

3) Contact a local paper and offer to write articles for them.

4) Facebook adverts pointing towards your website (video on how to do this effectively in the marketing materials section of the site)

5) Facebook posts pointing to your blog.

6) Hold free seminars.

7) If you do group training - charity boot camps.

8) Attend local networking events.

Pick 2 or 3 and really go for it.