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June 10, 2022
tim saye

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At PT Distinction, we're constantly upgrading so you always have the best personal trainer software on the market.

We're excited to announce System Groups! An exciting upgrade to our Groups feature.

System Groups are automated groups for All Clients, All Active Clients, and All Inactive Clients. The groups automatically update when you change the status of any client.

This brings some exciting benefits that save you time and further enhance your coaching. You can now easily:

-  Message all clients instantly - This can help you, for example, send a newsletter or let all your clients know about a new service or exciting update.

-  Add content for all clients and never repeat tasks - You might want all clients to do regular assessments, progress photos or keep a food diary. Set it up in your all clients group and it will be automatically assigned to every client... A big time saver.

-  Automate your welcome email, onboarding documents, PARQ, and consent forms for all new clients.

-  View leaderboards and activity of all of your currently active clients. See who's doing well and who needs a little help without former clients showing up.

-  Schedule follow-up emails to go out automatically to clients when they leave your coaching. A great way to bring back former clients and keep your business growing.

-  Check all of your client's workout or habit results instantly and compare them on one screen.

This weeks Feature Spotlight video takes a quick look at the new System groups and how to use them.

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