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10 Best Coaching App Features for Personal Trainers

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April 11, 2024
Tim Saye

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Coaching app features are essential elements that differentiate between a first-place software and a close runner-up. 

Choosing an app with conscious attention to features can transform how using a training app impacts your business. 

It's like the difference between unconsciously completing an exercise and doing it with perfect form and technique that suits your body.

10 Must-Have Coach App Features For Fitness Professionals

You can choose your coaching app based on the same principle. You decide which features matter to your business based on your goals and needs. As these needs and aims change, you may upgrade to a plan with more advanced features.

As a starting point, however, some general coaching app features can jumpstart your online training business.  

Below, we delve into ten of these must-have features for any fitness professional, all available in our comprehensive coaching software, PT Distinction.

#1. Assessments

You might want to include online assessments at various points in the training process.

Many personal trainers and coaches want to assess clients' fitness levels and performance before beginning their relationship.

This information becomes vital in designing detailed workout and fitness programs to suit the customer, their body, and their health.

Use app testing systems to analyze posture, ROM, endurance, body composition, balance, strength, and stamina. You can find templates for all of these assessments in PT Distinction, and you can create your own:


Assessments in PT Distinction

#2. Workout Program Builder

Most personal trainers and other fitness professionals use coaching apps to streamline workout programs and enhance their training services.

Some may even work entirely as virtual coaches, training clients virtually. This makes a workout program builder an essential feature.

An efficient workout builder allows you to customize client training schedules, integrate various exercises, schedule workouts, and more.

It should enable you to create multiple workout types, including circuits, giant sets, and others.


Workout Program Builder in PT Distinction


An intuitive coaching app solution will offer an exercise library to help you build your program easily. Mix and match existing exercises from this library to create programs quickly and custom to clients.

At PT Distinction, we have an extensive library of exercises. We also provide automated workout templates, a resource you can use to speed up the workout compilation process further.

This is handy for fitness businesses of all sizes, as it gives you more time to monitor workout results and support clients.

#3. Nutrition Coaching and Tracking

Nutrition is a companion to training on any successful fitness journey. As a personal trainer or coach, you play a vital role in improving clients' nutritional habits.

You can also offer nutrition coaching and meal planning to customers.

Our nutrition coaching app features can aid you in offering service. They include a food diary you and your client may use to monitor their food choices, calories, and more.

You can also create resources that supplement coaching, including documents, videos, spreadsheets, recipes, and meal plans, with the help of our AI assistant, or you can use the available nutrition coaching templates within the app.


nutrition coaching app features in PT Distinction

#4. Results Tracking

What are your client's goals, and are you getting any closer to meeting them? This is a top-of-mind question for many trainers.

Clients want results, and your role is to help them attain them. To do this, you must monitor results constantly, identify strengths and weaknesses, and watch the client's progress.

With insights into training results, you can adapt programs suitably for increased efficiency.

Some coaching app features you can rely on include progress charts, habit trackers, and exercise technique reviews. Track these with your program to create the best reflexive training syllabus for your clients. 

Both you and your clients must have access to different results formats that they can understand. Seeing their development can motivate them to keep going.


Results Tracking in PT Distinction

#5. Chat Tools

Chat tools work hand-in-hand with your nutrition and workout program planning and completion.

It's one thing to put programs together. It's another to monitor progress and keep clients motivated to continue. Communication is key to connecting with clients.

Communication and chat channels are a coaching app feature that opens up and supports your trainer-client relationship.

Your app should enable you to contact clients one-on-one for check-ins and updates. 

Scheduled communications can also be helpful for convenience and to keep your programs flowing as they should. Pre-send reminders for clients to complete tasks, send you information, or remember to complete their workouts.

Share feedback on their exercise technique, results, achievements, and progress to give them a push forward.

PT Distinction also allows you to manage group communications. Send mass messages and updates, both manually and through automated scheduling.

You can also establish group chats and forums, nurturing a fitness community that supports each other.


Chat Tools in PT Distinction

#6. Group Training Programs

Group coaching is a great way to help more people and create an engaging community around your brand. Think group challenges, workouts, and training sessions. Community is a crucial feature of fitness.

That's why people join all types of sports clubs. The camaraderie and competition become consistent sources of motivation.

Leveraging this by opting for software with group coaching app features can turn your virtual fitness platform into a home and source of drive for many.


Group Training Programs in PT Distinction


#7. Flexible Automated Workflows

We understand that seamlessly running a fitness business involves many details. Some of these details are repeated, time-crunching tasks that nobody wants to do.

Automation can offer a means to streamline repetitive but essential tasks and other areas of your operations.

Our dedicated automated workflows include grouped automation, where you can apply repeated processes to custom groups of people. 

Automate onboarding procedures, including packages every new client receives as soon as they join your fitness program.

This can be an invaluable feature that creates a standard of service and experience for customers and saves you time.


Flexible Automated Workflows in PT Distinction

#8. AI Assistant

AI is another coaching app feature that can optimize your workflow. You can use intuitive artificial intelligence to complete tasks, save time, and enhance your service. 

There are three ways that PT Distinction offers AI support:


  1. Nutrition AI will help you create tailored nutrition resources like meal plans, recipes, and guides.
  2. Training AI can think creatively about designing training and workout programs. It aids you by introducing program ideas and training approaches you can implement.
  3. Marketing AI can generate marketing content in seconds, including social media content, marketing data, sales copy, and longer-length blogs.

AI Assistant in PT Distinction


With these three tools, you can better support your clients and optimize your business operations.

#9. Pre-Built Templates

Pre-created templates are another option for swift content creation that saves you time.

In the PT Distinction library, we have templates for programs, surveys, forms, questionnaires, tests, and other documents. You need to pick the one you need.

Pre-Built Templates in PT Distinction


You can use pre-built templates for client assessments, data collection, customer feedback, onboarding, nutrition training, and other purposes.

The possibilities are endless. They're essential because they're available for your convenient and efficient use.

#10. Integrations

Having an ecosystem supporting your fitness programs and training agenda can be beneficial. Many tools offer brilliant features and capabilities.

For example, you may want to include a YouTube video or two in a program.

Clients might want to track their activities easily using health trackers on their devices.


Integrations in PT Distinction


Fitbit, YouTube, Vimeo, Apple Health, and MyFitnessPal are just some of the integrations you can use creatively with our app.

We also have payment and marketing integrations like Stripe, PayPal, and Zapier that can change how you work.

Integrations can give an excellent system the additional boost it needs to be a coaching business HQ.


Online training software with the best coaching app features can take your fitness business to the next level.

When choosing a software provider, the features make the top of the list of things to prioritize.

PT Distinction offers the very best features that will transform your personal training services. Start your free 1-Month trial today!


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