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Create Automated Online Training Packages

July 27, 2018
Tim Saye

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In 2018 convenience is king.

In the modern world of instant access and instant gratification people want to get hold of things right now.

Patience for many is a thing of the past.

For this reason it can be a great idea to have a package, a trial, or a challenge that is available to potential clients any time they want to sign up.

This doesn't have to be your main offer but can form a very useful cog in an online trainers armoury.

Luckily with PT Distinction we have you covered with the most powerful, flexible, results getting pre made package options in the world.

This video shows you how to set up pre made packages and host them on your website to give, or sell, to prospective clients.

Transcript of video

In PT Distinction, you can set up pre-made packages to give away or sell on your website.

Now, this is brilliant! Things like free trials, sample programs, challenges, or any package that you want to sell to a large number of people can have an automated sign up.

There's a lot of flexibility with these options, allowing you to create truly fantastic coaching packages. Scroll down to set one up and click on pre-made packages. Then come up to add a package. It gives you a little introduction.

Every stage has a bit of writing to guide you through, making the setup process very simple and easy.First of all, click on the sign by next for groups.

Here, you get to add people to your group so that when someone signs up via your website for your package, they can be added immediately to a group. The content is delivered in the exact way you set it up and scheduled in the group.

There are several options available; you can add people immediately to a group, add them on a specific date or day, and add people to as many groups as you like.

For example, you may have an online challenge starting on a Monday.

You want people to sign up whenever they like and receive a welcome pack.

So, you would select your welcome pack as the first group. Clients will have that immediately. Then find your challenge group where all the content will go. You can schedule it for clients to start one day after they join.

Once you're happy with the groups and how people are being added, click on next and remove from groups.

Removed from groups is great for transitioning clients from one group to another, such as moving from a free trial to a paid package.In the next phase, under Next Sell Online, there are various options available.

We believe the best ones to use are either with a sign-up form or no payments. The no payment option is ideal for free trials or challenges, while the sign-up form is great for selling paid packages.

You can also use PayPal buttons for added flexibility in selling first and then bringing people into your package. For ease of setup, there's the Fire PTD option, but it only allows for one-off payments, not subscriptions.

This can be done via the PT Distinction branded PayPal page, though it lacks your branding and subscription payment flexibility.

For now, let's focus on payment with a sign-up form. Once you've completed your package and saved it, the code will appear for you to copy and paste into your website.

This will make the sign-up form magically appear on your website for clients to use. If you're using a free option, there won't be a payment section. Just copy and paste the code for your PayPal button into the designated area.

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