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PT Distinction Integrations: Elevating Fitness Coaching

December 8, 2023
tim saye

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Technological advancements have revolutionized how trainers engage with clients and manage their businesses in the ever-evolving landscape of fitness coaching. PT Distinction, a leading software solution in the fitness industry, stands out by offering a robust array of integrations.

These integrations allow PT Distinction to empower trainers to connect seamlessly with various platforms, from activity tracking and payment processing to video hosting and workflow automation. This article delves into how these integrations intertwine with PT Distinction, elucidating their transformative impact on fitness businesses.

Integration #1. Fitbit

PT Distinction Integration - Fitbit

Fitbit stands as the leading brand for activity tracking, offering a range of wearable devices that monitor users' daily activities, exercise, sleep, and more. Its technology is designed to help individuals stay close to their health and fitness goals.

Integration with PT Distinction:

Within PT Distinction, the integration with Fitbit facilitates the seamless tracking of clients' steps and activity. This integration streamlines the process of monitoring and analyzing clients' fitness metrics, enabling trainers to gain valuable insights into their clients' progress in becoming more active.

Benefits for Trainers:

  • Access to real-time data regarding clients' activity levels allows trainers to tailor workouts, track progress accurately, and adjust fitness plans accordingly. It enhances trainers' ability to provide personalized guidance and support based on individual activity trends.
Benefits for Clients:
  • The integration fosters a more connected and informed experience, empowering clients to view their progress in real-time. It encourages accountability, motivation, and a better understanding of their fitness journey, increasing engagement and adherence to their fitness programs.

Integration #2. MyFitnessPal

PT Distinction Integration - MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a widely used food tracking and fitness app that enables users to monitor their nutritional intake and track calories, macros, water intake and even activities. It offers a comprehensive database of foods, personalized nutrition insights, and tools to cultivate healthy habits.

Integration with PT Distinction:

PT Distinction provides the most comprehensive integration with My Fitness Pal in the industry. This integration seamlessly integrates clients' macros, calories, and micro-nutrients into the PT Distinction platform. Daily and weekly summaries, goals, and averages are available for trainers to analyze clients' meal data effectively.

Benefits for Trainers:

  • The integration empowers trainers with comprehensive insights into clients' nutritional intake, allowing for a detailed analysis of their dietary habits. This data lets trainers personalize meal plans, offer tailored advice, and track progress more accurately, fostering better client engagement and success.
Benefits for Clients:

  • MyFitnessPal integration offers clients a holistic view of their nutrition within PT Distinction. While individual food items might not be displayed, the aggregated data, including calories, macros, and nutritional breakdowns, provides clients with a clear understanding of their dietary patterns. This promotes accountability and empowers clients to make informed choices for better health outcomes.

Integration #3. PayPal

PT Distinction Integration - PayPal

Within PT Distinction, the integration with PayPal enables trainers to manage payments and subscriptions effortlessly. As the world's most popular payment processor, PayPal facilitates easy transactions, allowing trainers to collect payments and set up subscription-based services efficiently.

Benefits for Trainers:

  • PayPal integration within PT Distinction simplifies payment processes, making it convenient for trainers to accept client payments. It streamlines the collection of fees for services, subscriptions, or products offered, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience for trainers and clients.
Benefits for Clients:

  • The integration offers clients a familiar and trusted payment method, fostering confidence in making payments for training services or subscriptions..

Integration #4. Stripe

PT Distinction Integration - stripe

Stripe is a robust payment infrastructure that millions of companies use to manage online and in-person transactions, streamline financial operations, and bolster revenue growth. With a suite of payment products, fraud prevention tools, and support for global commerce, Stripe empowers businesses of all sizes to handle payments effortlessly.

Integration with PT Distinction:

PT Distinction integrates with Stripe, allowing trainers to accept payments quickly and link it with Zapier for automated client addition to PT Distinction and package management. This combined integration provides trainers with a streamlined process, enabling the automatic addition of clients and efficiently managed packages within PT Distinction.

Benefits for Trainers

  • The Stripe integration simplifies payment handling and enables automated client addition to PT Distinction. Through Zapier integration, trainers can automate administrative tasks, ensuring a more efficient workflow.
Benefits for Clients:

  • Clients benefit from the secure and familiar payment experience offered by Stripe within PT Distinction. Additionally, this integration enhances the overall client onboarding process by seamlessly adding clients to the platform, providing a more user-friendly experience.

Integration #5. MyZone

PT Distinction Integration - MyZone

MyZone simplifies heart rate training through gym software and hardware with wearable technology. It emphasizes personal effort by accurately tracking heart rate and providing real-time feedback, encouraging users to join a movement that values every individual's effort in their fitness journey.

Integration with PT Distinction:

PT Distinction integrates seamlessly with MyZone, enabling trainers to monitor and analyze clients' workout efforts. This integration allows trainers to gain insights into their clients' exercise intensity, duration spent in different heart rate zones, and overall workout performance, facilitating a more informed approach to personalized training programs.

Benefits for Trainers:

  • In-depth Workout Analysis: PT Distinction's integration with MyZone empowers trainers with comprehensive data on clients' workout efforts, including heart rate zone distribution and exercise intensity. This detailed analysis assists trainers in tailoring workout plans, tracking progress more accurately, and adjusting training regimens to optimize clients' performance.

  • Personalised Training Programs: Leveraging MyZone's real-time effort tracking within PT Distinction, trainers can offer personalized guidance, set appropriate workout goals, and motivate clients by precisely understanding their exertion levels during exercises.
Benefits for Clients:

  • Enhanced Accountability: Clients benefit from a more accountable and engaging workout experience through MyZone's integration with PT Distinction. Real-time effort feedback helps clients understand their exercise intensity, encourages them to push boundaries, and helps them stay motivated throughout their fitness journey.

  • Optimized Workouts: Using MyZone's heart rate tracking integrated into PT Distinction, clients receive tailored workouts aligned with their fitness levels and effort exertion, fostering better results and improved fitness progression.

Integration #6. YouTube

PT Distinction Integration - YouTube

PT Distinction seamlessly integrates with YouTube, allowing trainers to incorporate exercise or coaching videos directly into their programs and coaching plans. This integration provides trainers with an extensive library of instructional content sourced from YouTube, enriching the training experience for clients with a diverse range of exercises and informational resources.

So, if you've added many training videos to your YouTube Channel, you can integrate them into PT Distinction's exercise library and use them to demonstrate the exercises to clients.

Benefits for Trainers:

  • Expanded Exercise Repository: PT Distinction's integration with YouTube enables trainers to access a vast repository of exercise and coaching videos, allowing them to diversify workout plans and incorporate instructional content seamlessly. This integration empowers trainers to curate comprehensive and engaging training programs tailored to individual client needs.

  • Enhanced Customisation: By leveraging YouTube's extensive video content within PT Distinction, trainers can personalize coaching plans, provide visual demonstrations, and create interactive workout routines, enhancing the overall training experience for their clients.
Benefits for Clients:

  • Diverse Workout Resources: Clients benefit from a broader spectrum of exercise resources and coaching guidance from YouTube through PT Distinction. This integration offers clients varied and informative content, fostering motivation and enhancing their understanding of exercises and training techniques.

  • Enhanced Engagement: With access to a broader range of instructional videos, clients experience heightened engagement during their workouts, better comprehension of exercises, and increased adherence to the training programs prescribed by their trainers.

Integration #7. Vimeo

PT Distinction Integration - Vimeo

Integration with PT Distinction:

Like YouTube, Vimeo integrates seamlessly with PT Distinction, offering trainers a diverse array of exercise or coaching videos directly accessible within their programs and coaching plans.

This integration expands trainers' resources, presenting various instructional content sourced from Vimeo for client training.

Benefits for Trainers:

  • Expanded Video Resources: PT Distinction's integration with Vimeo broadens trainers' access to a rich repository of exercise and coaching videos. This variety allows trainers to curate engaging and customized workout plans, effectively catering to individual client needs.

  • Enhanced Video Protection: Vimeo's platform enables trainers to secure and share videos directly with clients through PT Distinction. This feature ensures content remains protected while offering a secure platform for client engagement.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Access to Varied Content: Clients benefit from diverse exercise resources and coaching guidance from Vimeo via PT Distinction. This integration provides clients with varied instructional videos, enriching their understanding of exercises prescribed by trainers.

  • Enhanced Quality and Security: Clients experience high-definition video content securely shared within coaching plans. Vimeo's focus on quality and security ensures that clients receive top-notch instructional material, enhancing engagement and understanding during workouts.

Integration #8. Zapier

PT Distinction Integration - Zapier

PT Distinction's integration with Zapier offers trainers extensive capabilities to connect and synchronize numerous platforms effortlessly. By linking booking software, membership platforms, payment processors, form builders, and email automation tools, Zapier simplifies workflow management for trainers using PT Distinction.

Zapier's integration with PT Distinction brings a wealth of possibilities, allowing trainers to integrate, automate, and optimize their workflows, ultimately benefiting both trainers and clients through improved efficiency and a more streamlined training experience.

Benefits for Trainers:

  • Versatile Platform Integration: Zapier enables trainers to effortlessly link PT Distinction with myriad apps and services they use daily, streamlining operations and eliminating the need for manual data entry or repetitive tasks.

  • Efficient Workflow Automation: Trainers can set up automated workflows, triggering actions across multiple integrated platforms. This capability empowers trainers to focus on their clients and training programs rather than spending time managing various tools.
Benefits for Clients:

  • Enhanced Service Delivery: Clients benefit from the seamless integration of multiple platforms through Zapier. Trainers can provide a more efficient and streamlined service, ensuring a smoother client experience.

  • Improved Communication and Processes: With the integrated tools, clients may experience improved communication, streamlined booking processes, and better access to resources and information, enhancing their overall engagement with the training program.


Adaptability and efficiency are critical factors in driving success for personal trainers. The integration capabilities offered by PT Distinction provide trainers with a suite of tools that go beyond conventional boundaries. By seamlessly incorporating Fitbit, My Fitness Pal, PayPal, Stripe, MyZone, YouTube, Vimeo, and Zapier, the PT Distinction software has simplified tasks and revolutionized the fitness coaching experience.

These integrations are the pillars upon which modern fitness businesses can thrive, allowing trainers to effortlessly track client progress, streamline payments, provide personalized nutrition insights, create engaging workout content, and automate critical workflows. Such innovations foster enhanced client-trainer relationships, ensuring a more immersive, efficient, and personalized fitness journey.

As technology continues to evolve, PT Distinction stands at the forefront, consistently adapting and integrating new tools to empower trainers and transform the fitness coaching landscape. The journey towards fitness excellence is now more streamlined, efficient, and engaging, thanks to the transformative power of PT Distinction's integrations.

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