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Individualised Nutrition Coaching in Seconds

February 3, 2022
tim saye

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This feature spotlight video shows you how to set up PTD groups with nutrition coaching, food tracking, habits, and pre scheduled messaging and use it to give bespoke nutrition coaching to your clients in an instant. It's a slightly longer video (10 minutes 40) but will save you that hundreds of times over

PT Distinction has very strong nutrition coaching tools that you can use with this set up, here's a quick summary:

Video coaching

Video coaching allows you to coach your clients nutrition and new habits, teach them to eat well, and even provide cooking lessons and grocery shopping tours.

Habit coaching / tracking

Habit coaching has been proven to create the best long term results for clients improving their nutrition, training habits, and lifestyle. You can setup a habit in minutes and have clients track it for as long as you wish them to.

Add recipes

Recipes give clients great meal ideas that fit with your nutrition coaching without the inflexible nature of meal plans. You can add your own recipes and share them with clients inside your app.

Photo food diary

Food tracking has been proven to dramatically increase clients body composition and weight loss results. Taking photographs of meals is the easiest way to track food and leaves no room for human error when calculating portion sizes.

Macro / calorie calculation

Your clients have full food, drink, and meal tracking inside their food diary, this uses the worlds largest verified food database with nearly 1 million items. You then see exactly what they eat along with the calories, macros etc... You also get daily and weekly summaries and averages to see exactly how well your clients nutrition is going.

My Fitness Pal (MFP) integration

My Fitness Pal is the worlds most popular nutrition tracker. Many clients will already be familiar with MFP so we have the best integration they allow. You can see the calories your clients track in MFP, and the macro-nutrient breakdown inside their PT Distinction food diary.

Meal plans

Meal plan examples can help your clients as a part of the nutrition coaching process. While creating specific meal plans is outside scope of practice for trainers we provide hundreds of example plans that you can share with clients to assist their quality nutrition and habit coaching.

Add documents, spreadsheets and PDF

You can add coaching documents, PDF’s and sheets to give your clients guides, welcome packs, recipe ideas and more.

Pre made nutrition coaching templates to share with your clients

High class (unbranded) nutrition coaching templates made by degree qualified nutritionists are done for you and ready to use with your clients. You can use these out of the box or edit to suit your ideas and coaching philosophy.

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