2 easy ways to get Online Clients if you Train People in Person

Feb 28, 2018

By Tim Saye

Training clients in person is the gateway to the easiest possible graduation in to online training.

Being a great face to face trainer, then setting up hybrid coaching creates a fantastic platform from which to gradually build an online training business with no additional effort or marketing knowledge required.

The first zero effort way to get online clients is to convert past clients or clients leaving your face to face training service.

It's inevitable in the career of every great trainer that some clients will leave you when they really don't want to.

The most common scenarios for this are:

1) Your client has a change in financial status and can no longer afford your face to face training.
2) Your client moves house.

My guess is you've already had quite a few of these clients? It's a shame to lose them when you know you can continue to help them and they still want your help.

Having already put in place your Hybrid programs you know your way around the worlds leading software for online training and you will know how to train clients online.

So, all you need to do in this situation is offer to train your client online.

You can sit together and work out a package and price point that suits you both and move forward from there.

The big joy with online training is that it can travel anywhere and can be offered at a much lower price point than face to face training, meaning these clients who once would've become past clients, will now become online clients.

It's really that easy when you have solid foundations in place.

The other zero effort scenario you're perfectly in place for is that moment in your new client consultation where everything has gone well, it's clear they want to work with you, then you drop the price and they suddenly lose interest, or want to haggle your price right down.

Instead of losing that potential client, or, training them for peanuts now is another great time to offer your online training service, which is most likely a perfect solution for you and your client.

People training while using an app is becoming very common and mainstream now. This means the modern day gym member or PT clients now want technology and programs in an app, soon they will expect it.

This means there's now very little barrier or difficulty in getting potential clients to embrace online training as a great option to get them in shape.

The question you may get is what makes your online training different from a cheap app or a Joe Wicks (or some other famous trainer) program?

At this stage in your online training career the answer is simple;

It's the personal attention and support you give. Joe Wicks won't be there to tweak your program when you're snowed under at work, or be there to answer your questions and review your technique when you're not sure about an exercise, or to check on how you're feeling and what difficulties you're having etc...

These are the things that raise your chances of success from the 1% success rate Joe Wicks and automated apps get to the near 100% great trainers get. Of-course your potential client is welcome to use the options where 99% have no long term results at all or they could just sign up with you.