Perfectly Onboard new Clients - In Under 10 Seconds

Getting Started

Jun 23, 2022

By Tim Saye

At PT Distinction, we're constantly upgrading so you always have the best personal trainer software on the market.

Today, we're excited to announce a brand new onboarding sequence. This new feature:

- Introduces clients to your coaching app and ensures it's super simple to use
- Ensures clients fill out their forms such as Informed Consent and PARQ
- Sends a nice welcome message to your new clients
- Gets clients ready and excited for your coaching

Set up by our friends at PTD Ninja, this sequence has been created and scheduled for perfect onboarding based on data from more than 1000 online personal training businesses.

Smooth onboarding is key to making your online coaching really simple to use, whatever you decide to include. 

Now PT Distinction and PTD Ninja have done it all for you. To use the new sequence, simply add a client to your PTD Ninja Onboarding Group when they join. From here, their welcome message, onboarding document, app guide, and forms will drip feed perfectly into their account.

This video shows the new onboarding sequence and how to give it to your new clients in a few seconds.