Version 2.0 is Finally Here!!

Oct 30, 2014

By Tim Saye

PT Distinction is about to undergo a major upgrade……. We have been shut away working crazy hours for months now making it a much more powerful and flexible software for you.

We will also be giving all of our current members a little gift to say thanks for all of your feedback over the last year and helping us to make version 2.0 the epic beast it is going to be…. I’ll tell you what that is tomorrow.

So the date for the PT Distinction 2.0 is tomorrow… Friday 31st Oct.

Before I talk about what extra PT Distinction's online personal training software will be able to do for you I have to say that it is much EASIER to use despite the long list I’m about to give you.

What will you be able to do tomorrow that you can’t do today?

- First off…. Gift number 1 - we will be setting up easy website integration for ALL current members…… Effectively you can turn your little website in to an incredibly powerful membership site….

………It takes 3 minutes and requires no technical knowledge

This means that your clients login to YOUR SITE and view their programs, view their assessments, record their results, update their food diary, fill in forms and view any coaching, recipes or videos you have added for them….. No more logging in through a profile page!

- The coaching is completely separated from the programs now so when clients log in they can go straight to their nutrition coaching, questionnaires or recipes etc.. rather than have to go through a program.

- The whole set up is different…. PTD is now set up around your clients and client groups…… each one has a dashboard so you can easily see and compare all of their info and results.

- Next up you can (very easily) put clients into groups meaning you can give access to programs and coaching content to one client, all of your clients or groups of clients at the same time. So flexible that you could send a recipe book to all of your clients, set an auto responder email series to a group of clients and create bespoke programs for individual clients……..

…….. We have even made it so that (if you like!) people can buy a package from your website and be automatically added to one of your groups and receive all of the content, training programs and emails without you lifting a finger.

- An emailing system that goes alongside your groups meaning you can send individual emails, group emails or message all of your clients at the same time…. These will come from YOUR email address......

………. Plus you can schedule automated emails and even set them to go out on repeat (useful if you just want to tell your clients to train every Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

- There is now a template system meaning you can save an assessment or training program and use it for any client or group in one click….. Of course you can edit for each individual as you see fit.

- We have added an attachments library so that you can upload a recipe book or article once and have it there ready to share again and again in a click.

There’s more but I’ve banged on for too long!

…… You can still treat every client 100% as an individual if that is your preferred way..…. We’ve just made it all better, more flexible and easier to use while taking ourselves right out of any interaction between you and your clients.