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TikTok Set Up Guide for Personal Trainers

July 14, 2022
tim saye

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As trends come and go, one that seems to be staying is using short-form videos to interact and engage with your audience. TikTok is the new kid in the social landscape, and for your personal trainer business, the social channel can get you in front of an engaged target audience. Read on to find out how you can set up your TikTok account, and we will throw in some of our favorite bits about the social platform.

In our post about our favorite TikTok stats for personal trainers we took you through some of our favorite TikTok stats and how they can help your personal trainer business. To recap:

- Audience: If you are targeting GenZ customers, TikTok now has more GenZ users than Instagram

- Engagement: You can not talk about TikTok without mentioning engagement. It is by far the best social platform with the average user spending over 10 mins on the app

- TikTok users like to spend money: 67% of users say the platform inspires them to shop.

How to set-up your TikTok account

1. Install TikTok on your Andorid, iPhone or iPad.

2. Open the TikTok app and choose how you’d like the signup. You can log in with a phone number, email address, Facebook account, Apple account, Google account, or Twitter account.

3. Verify your age.

4. Enter your sign-in details – we're using Email and check whether or not you’d like to receive marketing communications from TikTok.

5. Create a password between 8-20 characters, including letters, numbers, and special characters. TIP: Press the eye icon to show your password. Don’t include words or phrases that will be in your username!

6. Create a username. You might have to try a couple of times until you find one available, but this can also be changed later.

7. Complete the sign-up process by choosing your interests. This will determine the content you will see on the home page. You can update this at any time in the settings.

8. Once you’re in, you can decide your app preferences. For example, we like to keep notifications on so we never miss anything! Click ‘Allow’ to do so.

9. Agree to any new Terms and Policies.

10. Our recommendation is to allow personalized ads, as this will make your experience on the app more tailored to you. This means you’ll see ads for products or services that you are ACTUALLY interested in and could even bag yourself some deals too.

11. Similarly, we recommend allowing TikTok to track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites for a better ad experience too.

12. Voila! You have now created your TikTok profile. You’ll see that it is looking pretty bare at the minute. Continue scrolling.

Personalizing your Profile

Add a profile picture

1. Click on ‘Profile’ in the bottom right corner, find where your profile picture should be (there will be a camera icon), and click ‘add’.

2. Choose ‘Allow Access to All Photos’.

3. Upload & crop your image and then click ‘Save’.

4. Your profile picture should be updated!

Add a bio

1. Click ‘Edit Profile’ and ‘Bio’ on your profile. You then have 80 characters to write a short bio about your business.

2. Click ‘Save’ once finished, and your bio should appear.

Connect Social accounts

1. Under the ‘Social’ section, click ‘Add Instagram to your profile’, or ‘Add YouTube to your profile’. Check out our How to Set Up Your Instagram Business account blog if you don’t already have this set up.

2. This will bring up another browser, asking you to log into your chosen account – in this case, it’s Instagram.

3. Click ‘Allow essential and optional cookies.

4. Sign in to your Instagram account as you would normally and click ‘Allow’ to connect the accounts.

5. You should now see the Instagram logo on your profile and click through to your page.

No matter if you are a face-to-face personal trainer or online focused. Making the most of each social channel is important to growing your business. TikTok is a newcomer, but it can be an important cog as you build your personal trainer empire. Need some TikTok inspiration? Check out our top 10 TikTok fitness influencers to inspire personal trainers

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