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Top 10 TikTok Fitness Influencers To Inspire Personal Trainers

January 26, 2022
tim saye

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TikTok has recently seen a massive surge in users, it's has been on the app store of mobile devices for just four years and, in that time, has been downloaded over 3 billion times. There are around 1 billion active monthly users, and the demographic make-up of the users leans towards younger adults.

So, if your personal training services are designed for that audience, building a presence on TikTok is an excellent idea for you.

In this article, we'll show you the top 10 fitness influencers on TikTok to help you find inspiration, gather ideas, and implement these visions into your TikTok marketing.

#1. Jen Setler

Jen Setler has over 2.1 million TikTok followers, and she hasn't been on the scene all that long. Her first video was in 2018 and attained 5,000 likes. Her videos now obtain up to 1.1 million likes from her fitness crazy fans. On Jen's TikTok account, you'll find inspiration for food, workout videos, and expert tips. Jen is a lot of people's go-to for healthy and easy meals, as well as simple workout routines. Jen's goal keeps things simple and achievable, which is an excellent inspiration for trainers trying to reach a broad audience.

#2. Demi Bagby

Demi Bagby is a 20-year-old fitness influencer known for her abilities in CrossFit and bodybuilding. Her 14.1 million fans absolutely love her crazy challenges. From 100 one-handed pushups to handstand challenges, fans love to be inspired by the crazy and incredible skills she has. Showing off your skills as a personal trainer shows what you're capable of, which attracts new clients as they want to achieve the same skills. Hence, use Demi for inspiration if you have skills you want to show off and use to your TikTok marketing advantage.

#3. The Little Beast

The Little Beast, also known by her real name, Ru, is an Elite Powerlifter. Hence, Ru can be people's go-to if they seek weightlifting inspiration. After winning the International Elite Powerlifting title and climbing to over 1.9 million TikTok followers, she has plenty of expert knowledge to share with her followers. As a personal trainer, you can grasp the idea of how to use something in your background to relate to your ideal clients. Whether you want to push weightlifting or learn how to attain an audience's attention, Ru is a significant influencer to take inspiration from.

#4. Defining Fitness

Stefana Avara, also known as Defining Fitness, gained over 880,000 followers in a short space of two years on TikTok. Stefana began her fitness influencer TikTok journey in 2020 and has created incredible how-to videos to give her followers insight into achieving their fitness goals and more.

She also shares full workouts on her channel. She is publishing free but valuable content to demonstrate her skills and attract potential clients to ask for paid services. Her increasing following shows how offering more free content can win you great success as a personal trainer. Hence, putting in a little extra work to your TikTok channel can significantly benefit your client base.

#5. Matt Saxon

Matt Saxon is famous for his unique and personal workouts, which he created with a bulk goal. Hence, if you're a personal trainer with clients that want to build muscle, you can attain a lot from Matt. Using his TikTok page as inspiration, you can start to witness the power of short snappy workout videos, which followers can do from a gym or their home.

Matt also showcases plenty of dual workouts for those who enjoy working out with a partner, which means followers can work out with their friend, partner, or anyone who inspires them to get fit. His content doesn't stop at exercise. Matt also shares lots of nutritional information, ideal for clients looking to level up their fitness and diet.

#6. Rebecca Louise Fitness

Rebecca Louise Fitness is a huge inspiration for those that do not want to focus on just workouts to achieve great abs or a bigger butt. Instead, Rebecca's TikTok, with over 291,000 followers, share all sorts of tips, from exercises to how to relieve period cramps. Rebecca also shares nutritional information and her personal fitness journey, inspiring followers who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Hence, personal trainers can use Rebecca's fitness influencer TikTok as inspiration to showcase their own unique stories, tips, experiences, and a mix of fitness content.

#7. Kate Frump Fitness

Kate Frump is a TikTok fitness influencer that loves to get people up and motivated to join in on her challenges. From running challenges to insane upper body workouts, Kate's TikTok page showcases some incredibly achievable and fun sessions. Making exercise fun is what Kate is all about, which is a great niche to have to attract personal training clients.

Furthermore, Kate's growing following (currently at 52,000) shows how beneficial engaging challenges are. They work to get followers involved, and after seeing results, they will continue to utilise your skills and knowledge to continue their fitness journey. Hence, it can inspire you as a personal trainer to create your own challenges to get your current clients involved and engage new clients.

#8. Patrick Toechterle

Patrick Toechterle is a UK based personal trainer and online coach. According to his LinkedIn profile, Patrick's also educated in social media marketing to Master's level. It's no accident that you'll find him on all major social media platforms sending out the message about his fitness brand, Coach PT.

Patrick has published his first TikTok video less than two years ago and currently sits at 165+k followers. He teaches fellow personal trainers that being consistent with your marketing efforts will reap the most benefits. His videos are all little snippets of tips for people on specific topics, like protecting the lower back during core training or mistakes followers can make when working towards their fitness goals and how to fix them.

#9. Kelly Kikx

Kelly Kikx is a South African professional dancer, which sets her content apart from the rest of TikTok fitness influencers. Her professional dancing expertise comes into the TikTok page as much as her love for weight lifting does. Kelly Kikx, who also goes by her real name Kelly Ernstzen, gained 981,000 followers in the short space of four years.

She began her journey around when TikTok started, which got her name onto the radar to attain a high following. However, she shows off how showcasing your own personality can obtain engaged followers. As well as showing her dancing skills and training tips, Kelly shares funny videos too. Hence, the lesson you can learn from Kelly is that shining your personality through your TikTok videos will undoubtedly get people's attention who can easily click with you, which can be a super important aspect when choosing a personal trainer.

#10. Blogilates

Blogilates is not a new fitness influencer. Cassey Ho started her fitness influencer journey in 2009 and has since gained millions of followers and readers across her social media channels and website. Blogilates took to TikTok as soon as it started and gained over 2.7 million followers. Cassey's content is a mix of high-energy fun and moves, which is achievable for all levels of exercisers. Whether people are new to exercise or not, Cassey's videos are available for everyone. Her content shows how personal trainers can focus on other exercise areas, not just lifting and cardio.


Whether you're a TikTok fan or a fitness experts on Instagram, if your ideal clients are young and on TikTok, you might want to have a presence there too. If you check the videos of these influencers, you'll see they don't take themselves super seriously and aim for light-hearted, helpful and often fun ways to engage their followers.

Do you remember how Instagram started all that time ago? Could you think of how it evolved over the years? There's a high chance TikTok will end up going through a very similar journey, and you'll be happy you got in when things were more about people and less about business. Because one thing's for sure, you might not get new clients from being on TikTok only, but connecting all your social media platforms and gaining followers will help your business to be seen by more of the people you'd like to attract to your personal training services.

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