The Top 9 Fitness Business Management Software In 2021

Nov 5, 2021

By Tim Saye

Fitness business management software allows you to streamline and track the operations of your gym, PT business or health and sports club. As the owner of a fitness business, you might struggle to balance multiple administrative tasks alongside physical classes and the upkeep of your facilities. With high-quality management systems, you can keep on top of client bookings and reduce the administrative tasks for any fitness business.

One of the most significant benefits of fitness business management software is that it saves time on repetitive administrative tasks, like cancellations and bookings. You can focus on your business growth and let your clients book classes online. As a gym, yoga or fitness instructor, you could save hours on tasks like scheduling and processing payments. 

This guide is curated as a review of the top 10 fitness business systems in 2021. We hope this helps you find the best tool to manage your gym, studio, personal training company or club.

Tailored Software For A Variety Of Fitness Businesses

This list is designed to cover a range of businesses, from personal trainers to multi-site clubs and facilities. For fitness businesses, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It's not just the size of your facility to consider, but also your clients' needs and where you are in the stage of your business development journey. Let's dig in!

#1. Gym Catch

Gym Catch is a scalable booking and advertising fitness management system suitable for instructors, gyms, and also partner businesses like schools and brands. Gym Catch allows you to create tiered membership plans and record this data securely for each client. You can upload tailored sessions with usage caps depending on the package purchased. 

Gym Catch also tracks attendance, payments, purchases, and all your client's interaction with your products and services via the app. You can check-in clients from your phone and create tailored reporting from the data that you capture.

Gym Catch offers a Virtual Session Delivery feature with Zoom integration so you can schedule, take bookings and deliver the session through a smooth member journey. Creating an engaging community won't be a problem either. With their newsfeed feature, notifications and in-app messaging, your members can socialise within the app.

#2. Team Up

Team Up is perfect for instructors and personal trainers that need to create an adaptable schedule plan for classes. Go Team Up lets you create class times, recurring or one-off sessions and multiple schedules from your phone. The register functionality allows you to see all the client information for each class and take a virtual or in-person register as you need.

The payment processing feature allows for automated billing and supported in-app payments for in-person or virtual debit and credit bookings. Discounts are also integrated depending on your offers or promotions. Clients can manage their bookings on both iOS and Android from the app directly.

#3. PTMinder

PTMinder is a fitness business management system designed primarily for personal trainers. The booking system is highly flexible and allows clients to see available time slots on your schedule and book directly. They can also request session times if you have a gap in your calendar that you marked as available. The payment system helps you manage when you get paid and even chase late payments.

#4. Mindbody

Mindbody is tailored to fitness centres, personal trainers and small to midsize studios, clinics and gyms. If you have a professional team working for you, Mindbody is excellent as it has a team scheduling feature and payroll system that allows you to manage your team and your clients from one app. 

Mindbody also offers location management for fitness businesses with multiple branches, so, an all-in-one tool to keep the day-to-day running of your business smooth, the client experience seamless, and your services top-notch.

The software allows your clients to book via Facebook and has integrated marketing plugins to help convert drop-ins and reach out to former customers with tailored automated emails and texts. You can also have a branded app created for both clients and your team.


Glofox caters very well to personal training clients, with remote check-in and user-friendly graphics. It's an excellent fitness business management system for gyms and studios to monitor capacity and the resulting revenue and performance of your business at the same time.

One of the best features of Glofox is the user dashboards, which are helpful to both fitness business owners and clients alike. Easy to view graphs help manage client and gym performance and spot trends with ease.

#6. Perfect Gym

Perfect Gym is suitable for all size gyms and health clubs. It has an integrated CRM, sales funnel visualisation, and pipeline management to help you develop your business with key analytics. 

The business intelligence tool helps you identify client patterns and high performing classes or services. There is self-service sign in and integration for family gym packages, discounts and online payments.

Features of Perfect Gym include CRM, Point of Sale, Club Management, Client Portal, Payments, Facility Booking and Mobile App. You can integrate Perfect Gym with fitness tech solutions like Fitbit, Strava, MyZone, Garmin, Viro, Polar, TechnoGym and more through the Ecosystem Open API.

#7. Gym Master

Gym Master is a fitness business management software that allows you to take remote control of your health club or gym. You can grant customers secure access via the access control system or keep your doors open for longer without stepping foot in the studio with the 24/7 Access Control feature. 

Their point of sale functionality allows you to take payments on the go. The membership payment plan is flexible, so you can add it to the customer's monthly billing or charge their card that very same day.
It comes with a Member's App, and sorting bookings and new sign-ups online will be a breeze while you can benefit from its automation and marketing features as well.

#8. eFitness

eFitness is another fitness business management software that claims to provide a comprehensive solution for all the needs of bigger clubs and gym chains. The features include club and business management, online members area, mobile app and CRM in one.

eFitness optimises multi-site fitness facilities by letting you schedule classes and monitor customers for more than one site. The software utilises big data, machine intelligence and AI to create insightful reporting to leverage the analytics you need to grow your business.

The campaign metrics also allow you to track the success of your products, services, and promotions over time to identify your highest performing classes and coupons.

#9. Club Express

Club Express is designed to manage club or association management from one app. If you have a cycling, skiing or lifestyle club, it is perfectly tailored to your business style. Features include online member setup, virtual membership cards and additional tracking of non-member participation.

It also incorporates a social media element that hasn't been seen with other apps in this list, like interest groups, discussion forums and a central document library. Club Express also makes it very easy to track event days and sign-ups. What's important is that their system is responsive to laptops, tablets and mobile devices, and all your admin users can contact them for support when they need it via their US-based telephone support.


Not all business and facility management solutions are created equal, and that's great! While some of the software listed here have a wide range of features, most are ideal for a specific type of fitness business. Understanding what you, your facility, if you have one, and your clients' need is the best way to find the right business management solution for your fitness venture.