The Best Fitness Marketing Books for Personal Trainers


Feb 8, 2023

By Tim Saye

Marketing is instrumental in helping personal trainers, and fitness coaches attract attention, promote their businesses and expand client bases. So whether you've recently started offering online personal training services, run a chain of fitness facilities, have an established training company, or are looking to grow your business, it's beneficial to capitalize on the power and reach of effective marketing campaigns.

Fitness marketing is a complex art, and many personal trainers and coaches need to gain experience in advertising and marketing when they launch their businesses, so if you're keen to learn about marketing and gain knowledge and skills to help you raise brand awareness and create and convert more leads, it's a great idea to explore courses and training programs.

Reading fitness marketing books is also a brilliant way to learn from others and gain an in-depth understanding of how marketing works and how you can use different techniques and platforms to develop your business. In this article, we'll look at the best fitness marketing books for personal trainers.

The Best Fitness Marketing Books for Personal Trainers

Reading marketing books is an excellent way to develop skills and learn about the role of marketing in expanding businesses and connecting and engaging with customers and clients. If you're looking for inspiration, we've compiled a list of the top 10 fitness marketing books for personal trainers and fitness coaches.

Book #1. 101 Personal Trainer Marketing Secrets - Joe Cannon

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Joe Cannon has been a self-employed personal trainer since 2002. In this book, 101 Personal Trainer Marketing Secrets, Cannon offers tips and advice to those following in his footsteps as well as engaging in a frank and honest conversation about building a client base, forming relationships with clients, and using marketing in a way that boosts sales without employing aggressive or overly 'salesy' tactics.

This guide to marketing for personal trainers covers a broad spectrum of topics that will interest new business owners and those looking to develop or expand an existing fitness venture. Topics include finding local clients, increasing sales without being a salesperson, using tools, including free methods and resources, to attract new clients, and getting your name out there as a trusted, respected personal trainer.

Cannon uses his personal experiences and time in the business to advise personal trainers and coaches who want to get more clients and make more money. This guide is suitable for people with limited or no experience in marketing and those who have learned on the job. In addition, Cannon is an exercise physiologist. He is regularly on TV, podcasts, and radio shows. Career highlights include giving a lecture to NASA.

#2. This Is Marketing: You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn To See - Seth Godin

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A Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller, Seth Godin's This Is Marketing, is one of the world's most high-profile marketing books. Centered on using marketing to solve customer problems and improve their lives, this handbook is a one-stop shop for marketing nuggets and wisdom that will benefit an entrepreneur-minded personal trainer.

This Is Marketing is a succinct compilation of Godin's ideas, knowledge, experiences, and teachings about marketing. Over many years, Godin has taught millions of budding and established entrepreneurs through lectures, online courses, blogs, articles, books, and talks. As a result, business owners can harness his words to develop effective, targeted marketing strategies to build connections and understand clients.

In this book, Godin discusses the importance of establishing trust with clients and seeking permission from prospective clients within target audiences. In addition, he encourages marketers to reframe products and services to achieve better results. Although not a fitness marketing book, this is a must-read for anyone looking to polish their marketing skills and learn more.

#3. The 1-Page Marketing Plan- Allan Dib

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The 1-Page Marketing Plan is designed to remove the stress and hassle of drawing up marketing strategies, offering simple, quick solutions. Essentially comprising a single page broken down into nine squares, the plan takes business owners from start to finish, providing advice and suggestions to attract new customers, make more money from existing clients and gain a competitive advantage.

This book is a no-nonsense guide that takes the complexity out of marketing to make it easier for entrepreneurs to achieve results.

Topics covered include getting new clients and optimizing ROI from repeat customers, choosing suitable marketing methods and platforms for your business, making money without being pushy or aggressive, and achieving objectives without breaking the bank.

This is an excellent book for newbie personal trainers and established fitness business owners looking to maximize profits.

#4. To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others - Daniel H. Pink

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A #1 New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal bestseller, To Sell Is Human is a study of the art and science of selling products and services. Daniel H. Pink, a highly-respected author with an extensive back catalog, delves into the social science behind sales and marketing, offering insights into human behavior and what drives decision-making.

In this fascinating book, Pink talks to readers about developing successful, impactful elevator pitches, understanding customer perspectives, and using frames to make messaging clear and more persuasive.

This guide is a unique, captivating marketing book that can benefit personal trainers, fitness coaches, and marketers alike.

#5. The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales. - Dan S. Kennedy

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Dedicated to successful, effective sales letters and copy, this book by one of the most successful copywriters in the US is a must for business owners looking to utilize content marketing and sales letters to attract new clients, generate more leads, and improve conversion rates.

Kennedy explains the differences between letters that work and those that fall flat, providing advice and tips to lower the chances of failure and maximize success. A raft of examples, formulas, and exercises help fitness marketers learn and develop their skills.

This book is a valuable resource for personal trainers and fitness coaches on a mission to boost client numbers through sales copy.

#6. Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind - Al Ries and Jack Trout

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Positioning is a groundbreaking marketing book that explores the difficulty in communicating with skeptical audiences overwhelmed by the media. The aim is to enable personal trainers to adjust their position within the customer's mind to create and maintain a positive impression.

Ries and Trout are famed for their engaging, conversational, quick-witted copy. In this guide, the advertising moguls cover an array of topics, including penetrating the subconscious of the target market and using positioning to raise brand awareness, beat rivals, exploit competitor weaknesses, and take advantage of winning positions.

#7. Contagious: Why Things Catch On - Jonah Berger

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This New York Times bestselling book explores why ideas and products become prevalent in society. Focusing on the influence of peers and others, this book underlines the importance of getting people talking and the power of word of mouth.

In this book, Berger outlines six fundamental principles which drive the ripple effect and cause products, ideas, rumors, and online content to become contagious.

As well as discussing the science behind why things catch on or go viral, Berger provides actionable advice to help personal trainers generate impactful content and design adverts that work. This book ideally suits fitness coaches at all points in their entrepreneurial journey.

#8. Building A StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen - Donald Miller

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Described as a 'secret weapon to build your business,' this book by bestselling author Donald Miller highlights common mistakes marketers and business owners make and provides advice to enhance communication and clarity.

This guide is underpinned by seven elements that contribute to compelling storytelling to help businesses to grow and flourish. The key lies in clarifying messages and utilizing successful communication techniques to connect with audiences, convert leads and encourage customer loyalty.

Nashville-based Miller is an author, podcast host, and CEO of Business Made Simple.

#9. Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers - Seth Godin

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Permission Marketing explores the concept of marketing campaigns and tactics that seek permission rather than interrupting or disrupting audiences. Permission Marketing explains the value and importance of working with customers and target clients to raise brand awareness and build strong relationships. Rather than disrupting a family dinner or annoying a prospective client by taking up their time without permission, Godin promotes connecting with audiences and individuals who have explicitly expressed an interest in the product or service.

In an age of 24-hour media and advertising bombardment, Godin's book is a must for personal trainers and coaches looking to build a business by generating high-quality leads and establishing solid and long-lasting ties.


Marketing can be instrumental in helping fitness coaches and personal trainers to grow their businesses and attract new clients, but it can be challenging to achieve results. If you're looking to improve outcomes or want to learn more about marketing and how to use techniques or strategies to develop your business, reading fitness marketing books is an excellent idea. These incredible books are a brilliant starting point.