Follow Along Video - How to take direct debit payments online

Mar 25, 2015

By Tim Saye

I always recommend that personal trainers set up direct debits to receive payments. Monthly direct debits are the best way to get a consistent and reliable income.

Research proves that monthly direct debits are the best way to keep clients for the long term..... In fact monthly direct debits have been shown to keep clients for over 1 year, 17% more often that a yearly subscription. This is even with the highly discounted prices that are often offered for a yearly payment!

There are many merchants you can use to receive online direct debit payments but the best known, and one of the best options for taking payments from anywhere in the world, is PayPal.

In the video below, I walk you through the process of setting up to receive subscription payments. If you take payments directly from your website then start at the beginning. If you sell your packages over the phone, Skype or email then skip to 7 min 20 sec.

It goes without saying that if you want to sell a lot of packages on direct debit you have to actually have something to sell! To produce exceptional online personal training packages click here and look at the worlds finest online personal training platform.