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30 vs 10 - Create and Maintain a Group Chat with all of your Active Clients in Under 30 Seconds

July 28, 2023
Tim Saye

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Discover the time-saving magic of PT Distinction! This exclusive video series unveils essential coaching tasks accomplished in just 30 seconds, while other personal trainer software takes 10 minutes or longer. Streamline your coaching process with efficiency and precision.

Episode 9 shows how to create and maintain a group chat with all of your active clients. In under 30 seconds.

Our powerful personal trainer software grows with you as you build your business, helping you train your clients, no matter how many you have.

Transcript of video

Welcome to the 9th in our 30 versus Ten video series, where we show you something in PT Distinction that takes 30 seconds or less, that will take you ten minutes or more using other Personal Trainer Software.

In this week's edition, we are going to set up a group chat with all of your active clients.

And we're going to maintain that group chat automatically, so there's no need to go in and add all of your clients and then take away clients when they leave. Add in new clients all the time.

This will happen automatically once you've set it up and the set up is real quick.

So to do it in PT Distinction, all you need to do is go down to your messenger bubble, type in all clients, and it will bring up your all active clients.  

Click on that to activate the group.

Now group chat is activated for all of your active clients, and when they leave, they'll be outside the chat, and when new clients join, they'll be inside the chat.

So it's all kept up automatically for you to turn that off. If you want to just click on it again and it's off.

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