How to Set Up a YouTube Campaign


Sep 23, 2022

By Tim Saye

As a busy personal trainer, your marketing will consist of your website, your social channels, and relying on word-of-mouth referrals to get your next client. However, the next step in your marketing journey would be to consider paid advertising.

We have already created guides on creating your first Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads campaigns. This post will show you how to utilize the YouTube advertising feature to promote your brand, product, and services to a targeted audience across the YouTube network.

Why Advertise on YouTube

YouTube is the second-biggest search engine after Google, with 1.9 billion monthly active users. Fifty million users are content creators who upload 576,000 hours of video to YouTube daily.

The YouTube advertising feature will allow you to target a specific audience based on your needs and how they interact with your brand.

How to create your YouTube ad in 5 Steps

A successful Video campaign should include the right targeting, bidding, budget, and ads to reach your goal. This article guides you through the process of creating a Video campaign:

Choose a Goal

Ultimately, your goal should always match what you want to achieve with your campaign. If you need additional help with this, check out our SMART Marketing Goals for Online Personal Trainers will take you through the steps of creating an actionable marketing plan. Next, follow the steps below to create a campaign and select your first goal:

1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
2. Select Campaigns.
3. Click the plus icon, then select New campaign.
4. Choose your campaign goal, and you can select from the following: Sales, Leads, Website traffic, Product and brand consideration, or Brand awareness and reach.
5. The goal you select determines the campaign subtypes available.
6. Under the 'Select a campaign type' section, select Video.
7. Under the 'Select a campaign subtype' section, select a campaign subtype. Review how each subtype can help you reach your specific advertising goals:
8. Click Continue.

Spend your budget effectively

The next stage allows you to choose your budget, which controls how often your video advert is seen and how high up they are shown. For example, YouTube advertising works on an auction, meaning the highest bid will always be displayed above a lower one. Follow these steps:

1. Select your bid strategy. This is your chance to tell YouTube how you want to pay for your advertising. For example, this is where you define if your bid strategy is to get conversions or impressions.
2. Enter your budget. You have two options here. You can choose a total campaign budget (this tells YouTube how much you are willing to spend in total for your campaign), or you can choose a daily budget (this is the average you are happy to spend daily)
3. Finally, choose the start and end dates for your campaign. If you do choose a start and end date

How to reach people searching for your business

The targeting options are similar to the Google Ads network. This is because YouTube advertising uses the Google Ads account to set up your video campaign. You can target people by location, interests, keywords, and even specific channels (placements). Additionally, you can add content exclusions to your campaign, giving you control over the type of content on which your video ad can be shown.

1. Choose the network where you want your advert to run. You have three options: YouTube search results, YouTube Videos, and Video Partners on the Display Network.
2. Select the language that you want to be shown next to.
3. This is where you choose the location of your audience. This can be by Country, Region, City, or Zip Code.
4. Choose your content exclusion settings. This is where you tell Google the content that you do not want your advert to be shown against.

The Ad structure

Like other paid marketing channels, Google allows you to create Ad Groups, enabling you to structure your ad account to match your personal trainer business. For example, if you had multiple fitness products, you could have an ad group for each. This allows you to narrow the targeting for each with targeted keywords or interests.

1. This next stage allows you to target your identified audience. Google will enable you to do this by targeting between demographics, which allows you to target by age, gender, household income, or even parental status, and Audiences, which are groups of people with specific interests.
2. You can also narrow your targeting by selecting specific keywords, topics, or placements.

Create and use your ads

You will want to follow YouTube’s best practices to ensure you utilize every element at your disposal to get your message across to your customers.

1. Search Youtube for the video you want to promote. You can get this by selecting the video, selecting “share,” and then copying the URL.
2. Next, choose the ad format you want to use.
3. Use the creative header to add your final URL (your landing page) and call to action. Depending on your chosen ad format, you can add a headline, a long headline, and a description.
4. Enter a name for your advert.
5. When you are happy, select “Create Campaign.”

Following the steps above will set you up for your first YouTube campaign. For further help, check out the YouTube advertising help guides and keep an eye on our weekly marketing blogs to keep up with marketing trends for personal trainers.