How To Get More Online Training Clients

Apr 5, 2016

By Tim Saye

It really is simple and you just have to be consistent.

Now just because I said it is simple, doesn’t mean it is going to be easy!

There are a few ways to get more online clients, all of which will take a little time and dedication.

Just like your clients weight loss journeys, every small step they take gets them to their end goal.

So first, you need to ascertain the tasks you need to focus on to get you to where you want to be;

1) Reach out to your Ex Clients

Once a client leaves don’t just forget about them. If you don’t have a Re-activation programme in place, then I suggest you start one very quickly.

There are several reasons why a client might leave you

Financial reasons
Goal Achieved
Came to end of programme
Distance (if they were 1:1 PT)

So many of these circumstances could have changed and if you have kept in touch with your ex clients, they are going to be more likely to buy from you than a complete stranger.

Don’t just message them out of the blue and ask them to buy from you!

If you don’t have them on a separate email list and haven’t been in regular contact, check out their Facebook profile and comment on a post or drop them a PM to start a conversation.

The best way to go in to each conversation is with NO intention to sell.

You are here to build bridges and be top of their mind if and when they are ready to join you.

2) Reach out to your Current Clients.

Your current clients, like, know and trust you and are the MOST likely to buy from you.

They already give you money and if you can help them further or get them to their goal quicker, AWESOME!

If you have a PT or Bootcamp client that comes to 1-2 sessions per week, how about mentioning that they could add online sessions to their package.

For current online clients, how about offering them an upgraded plan with extra support?….. Things like exercise technique analysis (obviously you can do this in the PT Distinction apps!) or added telephone support can make a huge difference to results.

You could even sell them something physical that would be of use to them – protein shakes, training equipment, clothing etc.

Another great reason to approach your current clients is to ask them to refer you to friends and family.

If you don't have a referral programme set up, I suggest you get one sorted quickly!

There are many ways you can do this. A good way to get lots of referrals is to make it a competition. Just make sure the prize is pretty awesome, I know some PTs offer iPads and Fitbits.

3) Have an Awesome Lead Generator

Clients don’t tend to stay with you forever.

So, even if you are doing pretty well right now, you need to have a stream of new leads coming in all the time.

At PT Distinction we offer a free week’s trial, so that you can see what you get before you buy. Free trials work really well as they demonstrate what you offer and showcase you as the expert better than almost anything else. You can also take card details to activate it (brilliant for ensuring you only get great leads and no time wasters) and set up email autoresponders and videos to convert them in to paying clients...... free Ebooks are so last year!!

Just remember, people will not convert to sales straight away from a FB ad when they don’t know you from Adam.

You have to play the long game a little.

This might help:

- Blog consistently, building your expert status with your following.
- Have a tracking pixel on your blogs and run each blog as a Facebook advert for a few days.
- Have an opt in on every blog page so that you can get people on to your email list or in to your trial.
- Advertise your opt in (which solves a specific problem your ideal client will have) or trial to the people that have read your blogs.
- Have an email sequence set up with at least 7 emails to build trust and expert status….. Try to have some successful - client stories in this sequence… Celebrating your successful clients will sell your programs for you!
- On Thank you for opting in page direct to your free group or offer a low cost upgrade.

Habits to Get You More Clients

This might seem a little strange but it really is the simple stuff that gets the best results.

Here are some habits you can practice and will in turn bring you more online clients:

- Post on FB regularly – don’t make it about you. Be entertaining and informative.
- Post regularly on Twitter using trending hashtags like #MotivationMonday #WorkoutWednesday.
- Use the Twitter search box to connect with clients that need your help (search: I need a Personal Trainer/ I want a Personal Trainer etc.)
- Post in FB groups where your clients hangout. Be helpful and not salesy.
- Post on Instagram daily and comment on 5 pages of ideal clients posts.
- Comment on 5 people’s Facebook profiles daily and ask about them.
- Post regular videos, short and simple tips and demos work well.
- Upload all videos to your You Tube Channel and email out to your list.
- Email your list at least once per week.
- Blog bi weekly to help with your Google rankings and build expert status.
- Run promotions to your opt in, changing it up regularly.

I am not saying you have to do all of these everyday!

However, the more of these you do consistently the more likely you are to have more online clients.

So, what are the take home points?

- Keep in touch with ex clients
- Have a re-activation programme in place
- Look to upsell to current clients
- Have a referral program in place
- Build relationships and have conversations with perspective clients

If you put even half of this in place and remain consistent I guarantee you will have a successful online coaching business.