3 Ways to Collect Reviews and Testimonials

Mar 6, 2018

By Tim Saye

Early in your online personal training career collecting testimonials is pretty much a necessity.

A great collection of inspiring results and testimonials will sell your service more than anything else you could possibly do.

The keys to getting a lot of great testimonials are;

– Being great at your job and getting great results with your clients.

- Asking for the testimonials and reviews.

- Making it easy for clients to give you that testimonial and review.

Below are 3 methods of getting testimonials and reviews that fit the criteria above.

Using quotes from emails and social media comments

With ease of getting the testimonial in mind two things that have worked very well for us at PT Distinction are screenshotting comments from Facebook and taking quotes from emails members have sent us.

Then just asking permission to use them on our website.

These are comments people have already made so it couldn't be easier for clients to let you share them, what's more, they're genuine recommendations that are not prompted by you asking for them.

Using a review form

A great method I used to use in my days of training clients face to face was a 6 week review, where we recorded their results and I asked them to answer a few simple feedback questions in a form.

Some of the comments in these were amazing so I simply asked if I could use them with a photo on my website. I think all clients said yes.

The collection of photos and testimonials I gained from this basically launched and successfully grew my online training business back in the days where PT Distinction was in it's infancy.

As an online trainer you can make this form inside PT Distinction and ask your clients to fill it in for you.

Here are some examples of questions you could ask.

How did you feel before starting our online coaching?

What made you want to start training with me?

What was your goal when starting out?

What results have you seen since you started on your training journey?

How do you feel now?

Have you previously tried anything else to achieve your goals? If so, what?

What aspects of our training have you most enjoyed?

What have you found most challenging?

What new goals do you have now?

What are your energy levels like now compared to when you started?

Verified Review Services

There are also services such as Trustpilot where you can easily send clients a link to rate you out of 5 stars and write a short review. This makes it very easy for clients.

If you get great star ratings these can be added to your website and even appear next to your website in Google search (you need a lot of reviews for this though!) and in Google Adverts.

Trustpilot and others like it have strong verification processes so this along with the extra visibility the Google stars give you can really help you stand out and attract new clients.


Overall reviews and testimonials are huge for any business and even more so for online businesses.... Just think about how you shop on Amazon.

I urge you to start collecting testimonials and reviews in any way you can and sharing them as publicly as possible.

You can use them on your website, in adverts, in emails, on your social media, in YouTube videos and more.

Let your great coaching and what your clients say about you become your biggest selling point and you will go a long way.