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Communicate Brilliantly and Control Your Working Hours

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August 17, 2018
Tim Saye

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Great communication is probably the most important factor in becoming a great online trainer.

For most online trainers this means you're constantly on call, always having to remember what messages to send each day, which clients need an extra push, and what time to send the messages to clients in different time zones.

The life of working on your own time disappears because things aren't systemized or well set up.

You soon find yourself overworked and unable to handle the number of online clients you hoped you could with the level of support you know they need.

This is your story if you use lesser software.

Solving this issue is one of the many reasons PT Distinction is the gold standard software for personal trainers with the highest average customer review score in the industry.

The PT Distinction messaging options are like nothing you've ever seen before.

These short videos show you how to communicate brilliantly with your clients while never having to be on call outside of your chosen working hours.

Video 1 shows you how to pre schedule emails, SMS, and messenger messages to individual clients.

This can be incredibly useful if you live in a different time zone to your client, or, if you simply want to pre set up some messages rather than have to physically send each one.

Video 2 shows you how to send or schedule messages to multiple clients in one go.

Scheduling messages in groups is a massive time saver and is great to ensure your clients get the right motivational messages, coaching messages and inspiration at the perfect time in their coaching journey.

Video 3 shows you how to automate an email to go to your clients each day with their days schedule.

This ensures your clients never miss a thing and know exactly what they need to do each day to get amazing results from your coaching.

Video 4 shows the simple chat and group chat options we also have in PT Distinction.

This is a good option to chat live with your clients or groups, and is all you get to communicate in most online training softwares.

If this were your only option it will take over your life and limit the number of clients you can help, but as a part of our incredible communication suite it's great.

Enjoy 1 month free on the gold standard personal trainer software.

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