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What Is The Hybrid Training Model?

February 11, 2017
tim saye

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In the original training sense, Hybrid Training was the name given when combining training methods from different areas of the training spectrum to create a great overall result. For example, mixing strength training with high intensity cardio or mixing power training with strength training etc. The best known forms of this would be Cross Fit or the Training For Warriors program.

However, more recently it is the popular name being given to a mix of face to face training and online training/ coaching. In many cases you could probably have a hybrid of hybrid!

The name can lead to confusion, so for your own marketing purposes let's just call it a best of both model. (Tip one: everything should be easy for your clients to understand!)

It can be done as a one to one service, a small group service or large group/ bootcamp service.

The hybrid model brings many of the great advantages of both face to face training and online training, with very little downside.

Judging by the response to a recent post in our Facebook group, it is a hugely popular idea for all personal trainers who see a real 'best of both worlds' opportunity.

In many ways hybrid training is a fairly new concept, but in reality great personal trainers have been doing it in some form for a long time. Most great personal trainers already offer nutritional guidance, lifestyle advice and give programs to clients when they travel or want to train alone.  

Sadly, most trainers just give this as an add-on and end up never getting paid for their extra hard work, or making it an official part of their services. For those that do it's often used as a method to create packages rather than sell sessions. I believe this is a good idea, but in the modern market, and with modern lifestyles, it's probably not ideal.

Making your hybrid service more official, and presenting it in a highly professional manner, dramatically increases both its perceived value and clients' adherence.

In essence, the hybrid model of training is a way that every trainer can get better results with their clients, earn more money and improve their reputation.  Mastering it at this fairly early stage of its development can really help a trainer stand out among peers who only offer training sessions and a quick chat about nutrition at the end of a session.

In my research of this model I searched through any and every coaching document I could find on it, and mostly just found a blog post here or a section from a larger course there. Nothing went in to the kind of depth I think this opportunity deserves, so I decided to make it myself!

Here's a list of the pros and cons of the hybrid model for both FitPros and clients

FitPro Pros!!

  • More money (I know that's a bit of a swear word among many in the fitness industry but lets all be honest here, more money makes life better than less money!)
  • Regular and predictable income.
  • Better results for your clients.
  • Better reputation.
  • Regarded as a coach as well as a trainer.
  • Standing out from all trainers that offer training sessions or inflexible packages
  • Everything for each client can be easily organised and tracked in one place. You can easily get rid of all the emails and paper forms, assessments etc..
  • More flexibility to tailor packages to your clients' exact needs.
  • Still get to see clients regularly, check their technique and personally test their progress.
  • If you work in a gym they take a (usually massive) cut from your session revenue- this can be done outside their greedy hands!!
  • Less need to dial in on a niche than there is with purely online training.

Cons for FitPros

  • It requires more effort for each client than simply turning up for the training sessions.
  • If  offered badly it can make your services seem expensive in comparison to other trainers.

Both of these problems will be solved as this course unfolds.

Pros for your clients

  • Training, nutrition and getting results fits around their life and not the other way around.
  • They get 24/7 access to everything they need to get great results via their mobile phone!
  • Better pricing options that can fit with whatever their budget is.
  • Full time accountability and support.
  • Still get all benefits of in person training sessions such as accountability, technique and progress being professionally checked while building a strong relationship with their trainer.
  • Possible accountability and support from a group (look at how successful people are on Weight Watchers, Slimming World etc... despite the slightly suspect advice given!)

Cons for clients

  • May not do it. But this is the best support option they will ever have to do it and is still better than any other help currently on offer to them.

The huge, win-win potential benefits of this training model, and the massive popularity among trainers in the PT Distinction  Facebook group, means I will be going deep in to how you can really make it work brilliantly for you and your clients, so watch out for more to come over the next few weeks.

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