We Had a Few Issues... Sorted Now

Nov 4, 2014

By Tim Saye

We had a couple of minor issues with the roll out of our improved online personal training software PT Distinction 2.0.

First up; a few previously expired accounts didn’t go live again…. That’s fixed.

Second; for many members the templates section did not appear.… Also fixed!

Third and Final; when uploading documents to the attachment library it did not work on some browsers without flash player….. Fixed and improved!!.......

…….. Now you can even upload documents and videos straight from your mobile phone or tablet….. No need to put them on to a computer first….

…And as always no need to go through YouTube (Looks so dodgy when providing a supposedly high level service!)

Plus we just decided to personalise it for you even more… Now once your banner is uploaded that will be at the top of the screen inside your log in… Not just for your clients.

Everyone seems to be loving the improved system and loads of you have been adding your in person clients like crazy.