Video Check-ins to Easily Communicate with your Clients

Aug 9, 2017

By Tim Saye

The new PT Distinction in app messenger and in app group messenger will be live very soon.

One way to use it for accurate, and concise communication while building up amazing relationships with your online personal training clients is video check-ins.

Rather than offer unlimited messenger/ email support, or waste time trying to fit in Skype calls you can ask your clients to make a short 5 minute video each week.

Give a little guide on what you want them to talk about and schedule a message every week to ask for their video.

To make things easy ask them to film it on their mobile, nothing fancy needed.

Here's some example questions I would get clients to answer each week:

- How was your week?

- How was your week from a training and food perspective?

- How have you found the habit you're currently working on?

- What have your stress levels been like?

- How have you been sleeping?

- What were your struggles this week?

- What did you enjoy about your training?

- Is there anything else you want to tell me?!

Once you receive your video get your phone out and make a short video to respond and maybe share a little personal information about your week.

This gives an amazing service but also lets them inside your personal world which can build strong bonds between you and your clients.