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The Best Marketing Software for Personal Trainers

December 23, 2022
tim saye

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As we look ahead to 2023, it is an excellent opportunity not only to ensure you have the best online personal trainer software but also a chance to look at what marketing tools you can use in the new year.

But let’s face it. There is an endless list of blogs giving you different tactics and strategies. So to help you save time, we have put together a list of our favorite marketing tools to use in 2023.

Social Media Management

The best social media management tools will help you write and plan your fitness business social posts across multiple channels. These time-saving tools will also allow you to analyze your posts and understand the best times to post.


This email software is excellent if you are just starting and are looking for a platform that can teach you all you need to know about social media while also giving you a time-saving social media posting tool.

Hootsuite also offers a limited free plan allowing you to add up to two social accounts and create five messages. We like the software because it will enable you to learn how to create social posts Additionally, it allows you to quickly find, share, and organize content from your network. You can create dashboard streams that enable you to manage keywords, locations, and hashtags.

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Industry review and Brand Awareness

Are you just starting your online personal trainer business? Then researching the fitness industry is the first step to helping you understand what your peers are talking about, what channels they talk to their customers on, and who are the main influencers in the fitness industry.

They may not seem important at the start of your career, but they will help you understand how your online personal trainer fitness business fits in and how you can use this research for inspiration in your fitness business.

Google Alerts

Google’s content research tool allows you to set alerts for companies, people, products, or topics, and when one has been mentioned online, you will be notified. Google Alerts has hundreds of uses, but we recommend setting it up to stay up to date with competitors and keep up to date with customers and leads.

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Content Curation

Content creation tools are essential because they allow you to keep on top of any latest fitness trends and will enable you to post helpful content to your social followers.

Content creation tools allow you to keep ahead of your competitors and make you a thought leader in the fitness industry by allowing you to create lists of content by keyword or publication. The content curation software will then crawl the internet and give you a curated list of relevant industry news, saving you loads of time.


This content curation software helps fitness businesses discover relevant content from third-party sources and share it with their audience. Feedly searches blogs, news articles, and social media posts, allowing you to share helpful content with your social fans.

We love using Feedly as it allows us to easily curate a collection of blogs, news, and exciting stories. The best part of the software is that it offers a free version, which gives you 100 sources (publications, social posts) and allows you to create three feeds, providing you with more than enough content and inspiration for your content-sharing.

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SEO keyword tools

SEO (search engine optimization) tools will help your personal trainer business improve the ranking of their websites on search engines without you paying for clicks (PPC).

The best SEO tools will help you quickly identify the best strategies you can act on and help you quickly improve your website's performance to give it the best chance to appear high on search pages like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is an excellent tool for any personal trainer who wants to manage their SEO tasks internally. Their software will help you identify backlinks, and keyword rankings, while also helping you identify any issues on your website that could impact your ranking on search engines.

We love the help guides and educational content, which will help you set up and track your SEO performance in minutes.

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Design tools

The best design software will free up time and allow you to get on with your day job. Fitness businesses like yours do not have to be design experts; these tools simplify creating a social post image or logo.


This software is a must for any personal trainer. Canva allows you to create and organize your fitness business's creative imagery. They also offer multiple templates, saving you time and giving you the correct dimension you need to get started.

If this still needs to sound great, the free version is perfect for personal trainers looking to start their businesses, allowing them to create logos and social media images. The software is easy to use and will help any personal trainer become a creative expert.

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Email Marketing

Email is an excellent way for all personal trainers to keep in touch with their current customers and entice new customers to their products. Email marketing software will help fitness businesses ensure that they have direct communication with their customers and allow them to create campaigns quickly.


This email software is great for beginners, allowing personal trainers to quickly set up email marketing campaigns and automation.

Their free plan is perfect for personal trainers who are just starting. It offers essential features, including sending up to 1000 subscribers, campaign creation, automation, a website, and the ability to create ten landing pages.

We like it because it’s easy to create templates, automation, and great analytics.

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There is a lot of marketing software out there, but not all good. But this curated list of marketing tools will be helpful to all personal trainers as you plan your marketing strategy for 2023

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