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Social Media Updates May 2024

May 3, 2024
John Robertson

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Discover the latest updates on social media from last month.

From Meta’s use of AI to Reddit's new mobile-first design, read on to learn the latest social media updates for personal trainers.

Meta Updates May 2024

Meta, the overall brand for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Threads, has released some additional details on how AI is being integrated across all of their social platforms.

Are you interested in AI for personal trainers? Take a look at how PT Distinction’s AI Assistant transforms personal training.

AI in Feed

When you encounter fitness-related posts or client inquiries while scrolling through your feed, Meta AI can be your instant resource for providing comprehensive information and expert insights without interrupting your browsing.

For instance, if you spot a post showcasing a new workout trend or a client shares a goal they want to achieve, leverage Meta AI to explore specific exercises, nutrition tips, or training techniques in more depth.

Use the Meta AI Image Feature

Currently only available in the US, Meta makes it easier and quicker to create images from text in real time using Meta AI's Imagine feature.

As you type, an image will appear that changes with every few letters you type. This means you can see Meta AI bringing your ideas to life right before your eyes.

The images generated are sharper and of higher quality, making them perfect for various purposes like album artwork, event signage, or outfit inspiration.

Meta AI can provide you with suggestions to modify the image, allowing you to refine your vision further.

Facebook Updates May 2024

Facebook has upgraded its video player to offer a seamless viewing experience for everything from Reels to longer videos and Live content, all in one fullscreen display.

This improved video player will first roll out on iOS and Android in the US and Canada, with a global release shortly.

When you tap on a video within the Facebook app, you'll consistently see a fullscreen, vertically oriented video.

This means a more engaging viewing experience without the hassle of switching between different video formats.

The fullscreen player also includes enhanced video recommendations tailored to your interests, providing you with various fitness-related content such as quick workout inspirations or in-depth tutorial videos on exercises and nutrition.

In addition, the upgraded video player comes with new controls that will be introduced gradually over the next few weeks, giving you more flexibility in how you watch videos.

While videos will automatically be in vertical format, you'll also have the option to switch to landscape view for horizontal videos.

You can easily navigate through the video using the slider at the bottom, allowing you to skip to specific parts that interest you or replay key segments.

If you miss a step in a fitness routine or recipe tutorial, the video player lets you rewind by ten seconds, pause to follow along, and even fast-forward through sections you're familiar with.

Beyond the new player, you'll receive more personalized video recommendations on both your Feed and the Video Tab, including a greater emphasis on Reels to cater to the growing demand for this format.

WhatsApp Updates May 2024

Keeping up with your clients and conversations on WhatsApp used to be a challenge for Personal Trainers; it is one of the reasons PT DIstinction’s Groups feature is such a powerful tool for personal trainers.

The new groups feature keeps your group chats neatly organized, including subgroup discussions like community events or fitness challenges. This  ensures you can quickly locate and engage with your favorite group conversations.

Reddit Updates May 2024

With Reddit now appearing highly on Google search engine result pages, it is a platform to pay attention to. Reddit has jumped onto this and updated its platform to make chatting and connecting even smoother.

No more waiting around—now comments load like lightning, so you can dive straight into the heart of the conversation with just one click.

When you tap on the comments button, you'll go straight to the good stuff without scrolling through the whole post. Plus, you can easily check out images and videos with a quick tap.

They’ve also made sure that navigating conversations is a breeze across all types of posts. Swipe up for chats and swipe left for fresh content, keeping things consistent and easy to follow.

These changes are designed to make chatting on Reddit a seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your clients. Stay tuned for more improvements as Reddit continues to enhance the way you connect and interact on the platform.

Try Out These Updates Today

With these exciting updates on social media platforms, personal trainers can streamline their communication, engage more effectively with clients, and elevate their online presence.

Embrace these features to connect, inspire, and grow your fitness business in the digital realm.

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