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Save Time with All Client Groups on PT Distinction

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April 8, 2022
tim saye

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This week we look at an “All Client” Group in our Feature Spotlight.

All client groups allow you to share anything, and communicate anything with all of your clients in an instant when using our personal trainer software.

You can:

- Share a recipe book with all clients in 5 clicks

- Send out new studies and information about fitness/ nutrition/ lifestyle

- Send a weekly newsletter with links to your blog posts and videos

- Add a new form for all of you clients to fill in

- Put the food diary live for all of your clients

- Send a broadcast message with seasonal greetings or an important update

- Let all of your clients know about an upcoming class or webinar

- Check all of your clients workout or habit adherence and compare them all on one screen

All of this and more can be done instantly with an all clients group, no need to repeat tasks or tick boxes for every client you wish to share items with.

Check out this video for an exciting time saving idea using PTD Groups:

This video uses PTD groups and touches on the use of leaderboards, you can see our introduction to groups here, and check out leaderboards in more detail here.

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