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How PT Distinction's AI Assistant Transforms Personal Training

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January 9, 2024
Tim Saye

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Explore the capabilities of PT Distinction's innovative new tool, the AI Assistant, and how it can streamline your personal training workflow.

Create quality fitness articles, meal plans, and workout schedules in seconds and benefit from the integration of artificial intelligence in your fitness coaching practice.

Explore the coaching future and ensure your personal trainer software can keep up!

Transcript of Video

I'm really happy to introduce to you the first stage in our integration of artificial intelligence into PT Distinction.

Artificial Intelligence is something that's going to be huge in the coming years and it's something that we want to help you produce even better work and even more work and really, really help your clients with a great deal of ease to you.

So the first step is the AI Assistant that we've put into the software for you. To find it just come up to the message threads. Now at the top you've got your AI Assistant, just introduces itself and lets you know you can ask any sorts of questions.

So you can get this to do pretty much anything written for you. It's absolutely amazing and the knowledge that it has is quite incredible. So for example, you might want to type in what is the value of habit coaching?

And then just click on end and it will come up with an answer in just a few seconds.

Now what this does is it gives you a little short article that you could share with your clients, telling them the value of habit coaching and the quality will be really, really good. Good.

It does take a few seconds to create the answers for you. So what you can do is just get on with anything else if you wish to, inside the software or anywhere else and then open up your message drawer and come back to it and the answer will either still be being created or be created for you so you can get on with other things while it creates the answers and the articles for you.

So here you go, you can see that you get a really high quality answer and this is something that you could share with your clients. As I say this can do pretty much anything for you. Now let's say you want to turn that into a social media post.

Just ask it to do it for you and press send and in a few seconds it'll come up with that quality information on the value of habit coaching. But as a social media post that you can again share with your clients on your social media as you'll see what it's done is it shortened it, put it into a nice social media style language and even put in a few emojis for you.

It's also got some hashtags there so it's set it up perfectly. As a social media post, you could even, if you want it a bit shorter, ask it to shorten it further and it will do it for you. And that's the point.

It will do whatever you ask it to do. So the quality of what it comes back with is really about the quality of the questions you ask and what you get it to do. It's absolutely amazing. So maybe you want a guide on the value of eating vegetables to share with your clients.

Type it in, press send, and in a few seconds it will come up with, again, a brilliant guide. That's something you can share with your clients. And this is all stuff that you no longer have to do.

So you don't have to go and find out all this information and write it all out in articles for your clients, because the AI will do it for you. When you ask it to do it, obviously with your knowledge, you can check it, so you can know that it's all quality information and you can cut it down or edit it in any way that you want.

And there you have a quality guide on the importance of eating vegetables. You can have it write meal plans for you and it can be. Be as general or specific as you like. So in this example, I will ask for a meal plan for a 55 year old female who weighs 80, is looking to lose weight, and it will give me that information.

I will also ask it to include calorie and macro information. Once I'm happy with what I've asked it to do, click on the send and in a few seconds it'll come back with my meal plan.

Very specific for the client that I'm asking for. Now, as you can see, it gives a little introduction, has the meal plan and it's highly intelligent. So at the end, it also has advice that this is only an example meal plan. And if you want, you can consult a dietitian or healthcare provider.

So it does give you the cover as well that you need when sharing these things. And it gives you the right information around the meal plan, but also. Also the right information for the meal plan.

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