Our New Android App!

Nov 18, 2020

By Tim Saye

Yesterday we launched the brand new PT Distinction Android app.

The new app is a huge upgrade from the previous Android version. It's now as awesome as the iOS app with a few tweaks for an even smoother client experience.

The app boasts a beautiful new design and incredibly user friendly interface, but also adds some great new functionality.

Clients can now use the apps to enjoy all of the tools you share with them to get incredible results. These can include;
-Training programs
- Assessments
- Nutrition coaching videos and documents
- Habit tracking
- Food diary with photo food diary and My Fitness Pal integration
- Drink and hydration diary
- Exercise and assessment technique reviews
- Progress photos
- Results tracking
- Progress charts
- Forms and questionnaires
- Private messenger
- Group chat

This completes the exceptional quality throughout PT Distinction and ensures all of your clients now have the first class experience your coaching deserves.

Feedback from trainers has been incredible and it's clear everyone's loving the beautiful design and functionality.

Trainers can test out the app by using your Example client, or you can login to the app using your trainer details and select any one of your clients, from here you can view the app as your client, record any results, and message all of your clients with ease.

If you're not already a member you can test out the world highest rated personal training software and app with a free trial here.