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October 25, 2023
tim saye

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This blog post will take you on a guided tour of PT Distinction's most recent software upgrades. These updates have been created to help your coaching business and improve your client's experience.

  1. New Add Item Flow: Faster and Easier to add your Coaching
  2. The first exciting update to PT Distinction is the revamped "Add Item" flow, giving you a highly efficient way to manage your client programs, habits, assessments, coaching, and tracking items.
  3. With this upgrade, we've reimagined the entire process, making adding all of your clients' coaching easier than ever.
 New Add Item Flow Faster and Easier to add your Coaching
  1. The updated menu flow means less time spent on administrative tasks and more time focusing on what truly matters – delivering exceptional coaching to your clients.

  1. New Coaching Folders: More Organised Client Coaching
  2. Our second update introduces a game-changer for personalization – Coaching Folders. These folders empower you to create, name, and badge your coaching content in a way that resonates with your style and brand. What does this mean for you and your clients?
New Coaching Folders More Organised Client Coaching
  1. You can now provide a more organized and tailored coaching experience, and accessing relevant coaching information is even easier for your clients. This update elevates the level of engagement and personalization you can offer.

  1. New Tools: Easier to Manage Clients Tools and Integrations
  2. Our third update, the introduction of the "Tools" section, makes monitoring your clients' food diary, progress photos, adherence chart, and integrations a breeze.
New Tools Easier to Manage Clients Tools and Integrations
  1. We've created a central hub for all of these client-related aspects. Whether working with individual clients or groups, this centralized approach simplifies your workflow and allows you to provide a more holistic coaching experience.

  1. New Calendar Views: Enhanced Scheduling
  2. Seeing everything your clients have done and everything you have planned for them is crucial for personal trainers. That's why we've completely revamped the calendar views in PT Distinction.
  3. Now, you can access week, month, and year views, providing a broader perspective of your client's entire schedule.
New Calendar Views Enhanced Scheduling
  1. These new calendar views make scheduling a breeze. You can easily plan your clients' training, nutrition, assessments, forms, and messages, ensuring you're always organized and on top of everything.

  1. Results Tracking Updates: Ultimate Flexibility
  2. Our final update is all about precision and flexibility in tracking.
  3. With the Results Tracking Update, each tracking item can now be managed individually. This means you have unparalleled flexibility in tracking your clients' progress and tailoring it to their specific goals and needs.
  4. Alongside this, we've introduced a user-friendly interface, making the tracking process smoother and more intuitive than ever before.

Try These New Features Today

These updates showcase our unwavering commitment to providing personal trainers and fitness professionals with a more intuitive, organized, and feature-rich experience through PT Distinction.

Our goal is to simplify your coaching workflow, enhance personalization, centralize client management, improve scheduling, and provide ultimate flexibility.

These upgrades massively elevate the usability and value of our software for you and your clients, allowing you to excel in your coaching journey. Stay tuned for more updates and explore these enhancements today!

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