We have updated the Android app (the Apple app is coming along nicely as well!) to fit with the newer set up of our online personal training software.

All coaching, attachments, food diaries etc.. will be easy to find and presented separately from online training programs.

We have taken steps out of the process when recording results so it is quicker and easier to do.

The new version……. and the Apple app (soon!) will of course be FREE for you and your clients so go and download it here
Click here

We have set this version up so that it can be completely personalised for you and your business. Colours, logos, name and icon can all be changed to make it completely your own….. I’m thinking clients will be seriously impressed by this… everyone loves a bit of Wow factor!

Personal branding will have to cost extra as it is quite a time consuming process for us. Each one has to be done separately and submitted to the app stores separately……

……….. approx £200 or $315 for the two apps….. There will be a 2 day special offer (less than 50%) though once the Apple app comes out, so think now about whether you want to get this done.

It will look awesome for you when signing up your clients!

As always if you have any questions then fire them at me.