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Leveraging Google's Tools and Features: Part 1

Getting Started
May 5, 2023
tim saye

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Digital marketing has become essential to any business's growth strategy, and the fitness industry is no exception. As a personal trainer, having a robust digital marketing plan can help you reach new clients and grow your business.

In this first installment we will look at how personal trainers can leverage Google's powerful tools and features to improve their digital marketing efforts. We'll cover the benefits of using Google My Business, Google Ads, and Google Analytics to establish yourself and promote your personal training services.

What is a Google Business Profile?

If you're a personal trainer looking to boost your online presence, consider creating a Google Business Profile. This free tool from Google lets you provide important information about your business, including your location, services, and products.

One of the best things about having a Google Business Profile is increased visibility across Google's various services. For example, your information may appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and even Google Shopping, making it easier for potential clients to find you.

If your personal trainer business is 100% online, you will want to hide your business address. But if you have a physical business presence, then carry on with the steps below.

To set up a Google Business Profile, follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account on your computer, or create one if you don't have it yet. If you're creating a new account, use your business email domain.

  1. Go to Google My Business and click on "Manage now" or "Start now" in the top right corner of the page.

  1. Enter the name of your business. If your business is already listed, select it from the suggested options. If not, create a new listing.

  1. If you get a message that someone else has already verified the business, request ownership of the Business Profile.

  1. Search for and select the most appropriate category for your business.

  1. Click Next.

  1. Choose whether you have a physical location that customers can visit. If yes, enter your business address or position a marker on a map for the location of your business. If no, enter your business's service area by setting the cities, postcodes, or other areas you serve. You can add up to 20 service areas.

  1. Enter your business phone number and website URL.

  1. Click Finish.

  1. Select a verification option. You can verify your listing by mail, phone, or email. Review your information before requesting verification.

Google Ads

Advertising on Google Ads allows you to reach potential customers actively searching for products or services like the ones your personal trainer business offers. You can even target users based on their interests, demographics, and location.

Whether your goal is to drive more website traffic, increase online sales, or promote your mobile app, Google Ads offers a wide range of ad formats and targeting options to help you achieve your objectives. From text and display ads to video ads and app ads, there's a format to suit every type of fitness business.

Why Should Personal Trainers Use Google Ads?

Personal trainers should use Google Ads to get more clients because it can effectively reach potential clients searching for personal training services on Google. With Google Ads, personal trainers can create targeted ads when people search for specific keywords related to personal training, such as "personal trainer near me" or "fitness training." This means personal trainers can reach people actively looking for their services, increasing the chances of converting those leads into paying clients.

In addition, Google Ads offers various targeting options to help personal trainers reach their ideal audience, such as location targeting, demographic targeting, and keyword targeting. This allows personal trainers to target people most likely interested in their services based on location, age, gender, and search behavior.

To help you get started, we have created the ultimate guide to Google Ads for personal trainers This guide will get you set up, and even includes a link to free Google Ad spend.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows personal trainers to understand better their customers and how they interact with their websites. For example, you may want to use Google Analytics for one of the following:

  1. Track website performance: This is your opportunity to ensure your website works exactly how it should. You can analyze page load times, bounce rates, and conversion rates.

  1. Measure marketing campaigns: Google Analytics allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, such as paid advertising or social media. By tracking the performance of these campaigns, trainers can see what's working and what's not and adjust their strategies accordingly.

  1. Understand their audience: If you are just guessing, you will waste time and money. Use Google Analytics to get to know your website visitors and understand where they come from and what content makes them convert into customers.

What Do You Need To Use Use Google Analytics?

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need coding skills to implement analytics on your website. Most website builders offer built-in integration with Google Analytics.

To get started, the website owner needs to integrate the Google Analytics code, a piece of JavaScript that gets added to the website's code. This code communicates with your analytics account when a user interacts with your website, allowing you to access and analyze data related to their behavior.

Integrating Google Analytics into your website is easy, and popular website builders like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix have built-in integration with the tool. All you need to do is add your unique Google Analytics account ID, and the data will flow between your website and GA. With Google Analytics, you can gain valuable insights to optimize your website and improve user experience.

Check out our Google Analytics guide, which will give you all of the information your need to get started with the platform.

Get Started With Google Today

Having a solid online presence is crucial for personal trainers to attract new clients and grow their business. Google offers a variety of tools and features that can help personal trainers improve their digital marketing efforts, such as Google Ads, Google My Business, and Google Analytics.

By utilizing Google's tools and features, personal trainers can reach their target audience more effectively, track the performance of their marketing campaigns, and optimize their online presence to drive more traffic and conversions.

If you're a personal trainer looking to grow your business, take notice of the power of Google's tools and features. Take the time to familiarize yourself with these tools and start incorporating them into your digital marketing efforts. Doing so can improve your online presence, attract more clients, and achieve greater success in your fitness business. So start exploring Google's tools and features today and see the results!

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