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How to Scale your Online Personal Training Business

March 13, 2019
tim saye

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At the start of your online training career, you want to make it really simple, just add a client, give them what they need and go from there.

As you get going and you start taking on more clients, you want to produce the best service possible to as many clients as you can. To help make this happen here are 5 simple steps to produce incredible coaching without wasting time on things that bring no additional benefit to your clients or your business.

1 - Automate all repeated tasks

Everything you repeat from one client to the next should be set up once, ever, then delivered to all of your clients with ease. This is where the difference between the best personal trainer software and okay software really show.

For example things like your welcome pack, your welcome email, scheduling of assessments, sending of forms, habit tracking, food tracking reminders, encouragement messages, booking in phone calls, video check ins etc... Should all happen for every client after you've set them up one time. Once created it should take you under 10 seconds to add and schedule these things for individual clients.

In simple terms all the things you repeat for multiple clients, set up and schedule in a PTD Group so it all drip feeds after you add a new client. This instantly saves you hours on every client meaning you can coach more clients, in less time, and never miss a thing.

2 - Set up efficient communication

If you're scaling to very large numbers, group communication can work really well. Set up something like a Facebook group, a group messenger, or Zoom meetings with lots of clients together. With group communication you can communicate with lots of people at the same time, and create a happy community around your coaching.

If you're focussing primarily on one to one coaching but still want to help a large number of clients video check-ins massively trump phone calls or emails as an effective form of communicating with online clients. Trying to get clients on the phone regularly takes up a lot of time and will quickly become the bottleneck to scaling your online personal training business.

3- Set up niche specific templates

To attract a large number of clients, it's important to have a personal trainer niche. A niche means you have a very specific type of client that you attract towards you and your coaching business. The idea is to quickly become the go to person for that type of client which makes it much easier to attract new clients than if you appeal a little bit to everyone.

The additional benefit to having a niche is that you can easily set up template programs. Each of your clients will be similar and have very similar goals, so you can set up templates and tweak them for each individual client.

4 – Set up your marketing and client attraction once and put it everywhere

As much as possible, you want to get long term results from every bit of marketing you do.

Facebook ads, ranking videos on YouTube, and ranking your website on search engines will bring you new clients for a long time after you set them up. Key to making all of these things work effectively is content creation.

Content creation is vital to get new clients but executed poorly can take up a lot of your time. To produce great content in the shortest time possible create something once then distribute in many different ways.

For example make 5 - 10 short videos speaking in to the camera about various subjects that will help your target clients, do all of them in one morning/ afternoon. Put your videos on Rev and get them transcribed in to blog posts. Take snippets from those posts to use as social media content. Use your videos for a month as stage one Facebook ads, in month 2 rank them on YouTube. Repeat the process one day each month and you have a months worth of Facebook ad content, blog content, social media content, and YouTube content from a single days work.

Using your content in this way will produce great adverts, boost your website visibility, and get you seen on YouTube long after you've originally set it up.

5 – Have free challenges, trails or sample programs set up to deliver instantly to prospective clients

Free challenges, trails, or sample programs are brilliant ways to turn an interested website visitor in to a long term client. However, you have a short window from capturing someones attention to delivering your challenges or trial if you want to successfully engage them as a potential client. Set these up on your website so visitors can sign themselves up and login instantly for the start of your trial or challenge without you needing to do anything.

If you set these up well they will automatically transition an interested website visitor in to a long term online training client.

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