How to Motivate Your Clients When They Aren't With You

Sep 16, 2016

By Tim Saye

We all know that we can give our clients the best workout and give them all the tools they need to achieve their goals.

However, if when they're not with you they’re unmotivated they're not going to do what needs to be done.

So how do you motivate them when you're not with them?

There is only so much you can do and you have several clients to serve too.

Let’s check out some tactics you can use and then see if you can automate parts of it to make the most of your time.

Set the Goals and Test Results

Being accountable is a big part of getting results and keeping motivated. Setting them a goal to achieve for when they're not with you means they know you're going to check whether they've achieved it or not. Just knowing that you're checking in and you care can be enough to keep them motivated.

Text Them

We all know a text can make you smile or ruin your day depending on the content. Sending a random text congratulating them on a PB or just giving them encouragement will go a long way. You could also ask them how they're getting on. If they're struggling with something you're giving them the opportunity to talk to you about it.

Call Them

Doesn't have to be a long call, however if you know someone is going through a tough time a call is better suited than a text. Having someone to talk to makes them feel supported and can help them stay on track.

Snapchat Them

This is a fab way to have a bit of fun with your clients and build your Snapchat presence. You will soon learn there are certain things your client struggles with. Say one of them doesn't drink enough water. Snapchat them a picture of water with a comment saying 'Drink Me!'

Also if they ask you a question you can answer it on Snapchat and at the same time help other people.

Facebook Group

This is ideal for building a community and giving extra support to your clients. You can do Facebook Live Q and A sessions and film workouts to inspire them.

Many people log in Facebook several times per day so you will be able to remind them you're there and that you can see way they're up to!

Asking them to post pictures of their food, post workout selfies and general questions will mean they all motivate each other rather than you having to do it all the time.

Set a Competition

Having a competition can really motivate people. It makes training that little bit more fun and a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone.

It could be to walk the most steps in a day, to be as close to their set macros or even to see how many burpees they can complete in a minute.

Have a wall of fame to put people's results; people will want to re-do it if they get knocked off the top spot!

Email Check-ins

This is a great way to offer support and motivate your clients without having to do it.

Using PT D you can set daily, weekly, monthly emails to go out at set intervals to ask how they're doing or to give them some motivation.

You could add recipes, a video of you encouraging them and just asking them to email if they have any questions.

Motivation on autopilot!


This is a great way to inspire your clients and motivate them. You could give set points for each workout they complete and they can get different awards for achieving PBs.


These can easily put together and can give your clients a lot of value. The great thing for you is you only have to do it once and can deliver to many people.

You could give your clients a couple of topics to choose from and which ever is most popular you can do the webinar on that.

You can deliver the webinar live and then record for members that can't make it. You can add this video to your email series to help future members too.

These are all great ways to motivate your clients when they are not with you. I would do all the ones you have time to do. If you use PT Distinction you will be able to automate some of it, which is pretty awesome!

Motivated clients get results, people with results rave about you and that means one thing REFERRALS!