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How to set up an Online Challenge

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September 10, 2018
Tim Saye

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Challenges are one of the best ways to attract clients to your long term online training services.

For most trainers setting up a challenge can be difficult, and pre scheduling the delivery of quality coaching, programs, testimonials and messages almost impossible, but for PT Distinction members it's super simple and can all be set up in a few minutes.

This video shows you how to easily set up an online challenge that attracts people to your online training and brings you long term clients.

Below is a short list to help you maximise the number of members that join your long term training services, this article looks at each in a little more detail.

1) Decide the main service you want to offer after the challenge:

a) One to one online training

b) Flagship product

c) Access to your ongoing membership

d) A mix of two of the above

2) Run a Facebook group, or, group chat to build a community in the challenge.

3) Offer a simple habit based challenge, the easier it is to follow the better.

4) The length of your challenge should be the shortest time possible to get a tangible result.

5) Set up the delivery of your challenge to drip feed on an automated schedule, do this for all clients at the same time. This means you can spend your time building a community and providing great support to your challengers.

6) Increase motivation with helpful messages (pre schedule these to all members) and the odd personal “big up”.

7) Share success stories and testimonials from your long term clients in the group and via email.

8) Have a round up video at the end of the challenge. Talk about your challengers results, how they can get long term results, and offer your long term training service.

9) Promote long term results and make an offer to join your long term programs.

10) For those challengers that don't join your paid service straight away follow up regularly with emails containing great information, more client success stories and the chance to join your other services.

You can do this by setting up an email group and sending messages to all members like this.

To create online challenges that bring you long term clients join the online training software with the highest review score on Capterra, Get App, and Trustpilot

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