12 Steps to Maximise Conversions from Online Challenges

Jun 5, 2017

By Tim Saye

1) Decide what you want to offer after the challenge:

a) One to one online training
b) Flagship product
c) Access to your ongoing membership
d) A mix of two of the above

2) Run a Facebook group alongside your challenges

– This is to build community but also increase the number of touches you have with each challenger and increase the follow up opportunity after the challenge.

– Automate an email and text message, set them to go “on joining the challenge” with a link to this group.

3) Offer a simple habit based challenge. Make nothing about it complicated. Home based programs also work best for challenges in most niches as these are convenient and time effective to do.

4) Optional idea - Take an entry fee for the challenge and the person with the best final result gets the pot. This can be great for creating excitement, increasing motivation and increasing engagement in your challenge.

5) The length of your challenge should be the shortest time possible to get a tangible result.

6) Set up the delivery of your challenge to drip feed on an automated schedule, do this for all clients at the same time. This means you can spend your time focussing on building a community and adding great support to your challengers. This short video shows you exactly how to set up your challenges to run on autopilot.

7) Increase motivation with helpful in app messages and the odd personal “big up”. The general motivation should be automated but during the challenge you should check the results of each challenger and send them a personal message congratulating them on something specific that they have done well. That personal touch can mean a lot.

8) All members should take photos, and record their weight/ tape measurements at the beginning and end of the challenge. These will help you determine the winner but will also provide great marketing materials for your future challenges.

9) Share success stories and testimonials from your current and past clients in both the Facebook group and via email.

Screenshot great results as they come in and share those in the Facebook group, you could also share some big ones over email.

10) Have a round up video. A round up video is a fantastic idea introduced to me by the amazing Sukh Sidhu. This video simply talks about what your members have done in the challenge, the kind of results that they've got, talks about some success stories of your long-term members and tells viewers how to get amazing long-term results. It then offers your long-term programs as a great roadmap to ensuring each viewer gets these fantastic long-term results.

11) Promote long term results and make an offer, don’t just hope people sign up randomly, ask them to sign up to your paid services and send them a link to do it.

12) For those challengers that don't join your paid service straight away follow up with great information, more client success stories and additions to your service offering. Always offer them the opportunity to sign up to your services or take part in future challenges. Do this inside your Facebook group and via email plus the odd, very occasional text.

Continue to do regular challenges and always use them to get new clients and to grow your business, Facebook group and email list.

As with everything you need to be a successful online personal trainer you can set all of this up very easily on the world’s leading online personal training software.