How to Get New Online Clients by Taking Screenshots!

Apr 7, 2017

By Tim Saye

Here's a very simple way to get new online clients and keep interest in your services high amongst your friends and followers. Better still, it only takes you a few seconds to do!

All you need to do is take a screenshot on your phone.

The first opportunity to do this and get huge interest in your services is the moment you get your personal branded app and you want to show it off to the world.

Take some screenshots of your logo, take some screenshots of your app and just put it out on your social media wherever anyone might see it. Really you're just letting the whole world know that you have your own app.
Showing them how great it is and how proud you are.

People will generally say “well done”, “fantastic news, “congratulations”. In their mind you having your own training app is pretty impressive. They're now thinking you're a real pro and you're truly dedicated to what you do. To your friends and followers having your own app is very impressive.

Now it's in their mind that you're a true expert and they have the option of being able to work with you anywhere in the world via your app.

After that introduction to your amazing new services, simple screenshots of your clients results will really peak interest in your online coaching.

If you've already got lots of online clients, amazing, when they fill in their results on the results tracking sheet, screenshot it, put it on social media and put it anywhere anybody might see it. Alongside the screenshot you simply post congratulations to my client (enter their name) on losing X Lbs (or whatever the result may be).

Whenever clients put their results in and they're good results you can either screenshot the actual result or the progress chart. Then put it where people will see it.

You want to do this consistently. if your clients track weekly and they get good results, post it up weekly saying well done another great result. After a short time your followers keep seeing your clients are getting great results and they're getting consistent results.

If you don't have lots of online clients yet it's not a problem, just record the results of your face to face clients in the app and do exactly the same thing with them.

The key with this, as it is with everything is to be consistent and post your clients results regularly while congratulating them every time. If they are happy to be tagged in the post their friends will see it as well.

With each post put a subtle link to your online personal training services or let people know your happy to answer any questions on how they too can achieve great results. As people ask questions and see your services you will get sign ups, no doubt about it.