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Feature Upgrade: Results Tracking

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November 30, 2023
tim saye

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With the Results Tracking Update, each tracking item can now be managed individually.

This means you have unparalleled flexibility in tracking your clients' progress, tailored to their specific goals and needs.

Transcript of Video

I'd quickly like to show you the upgrade to results tracking, where results tracking items can now be set up and scheduled individually rather than as part of a results tracking sheet.

This makes it easier for your clients to use in the app where they can just click individual items in their schedule and their dashboard.

To set it up, just come over to add, choose tracking, and you can either copy from the library or create new.

For this, I'll just create new quickly. I just do this tracking to see how my client's feeling each day, so I'll title it. How are you feeling? Write down what I want to track.

I put on a scale of one to ten, how good are you feeling today? And the unit of measurement will be one to ten.

You can add in any other things that you want to track if you wish to or not, if you don't, and then I will save.

Once it's saved, you can add it to the schedule. Scheduling for this is much like any other item.

If I want to schedule it daily for the next couple of weeks, you can leave the date and select the time.

Then, under repeat, I'll select daily. And for this, I'll select a date that I want it to end on two weeks from now and then save it. So now that is set up for my client to track.

They can do that directly from the dashboard or from their schedule, and they'll have that particular item scheduled for them to track rather than it being part of a whole tracking sheet.

Try The New Feature Today

Now it is your turn to log into the PT Distinction software and try out this new update.

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