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Effectively Manage Your Clients with a Personal Training App

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April 4, 2024
Tim Saye

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Technology has become a valuable support tool for the health and fitness industry. When used well and integrated thoughtfully, it can streamline activities and enhance client experience.

A personal trainer app is one example of a rising popularity. According to Statista, the top three fitness apps made $12.25 million (My Fitness Pal), $5.68 million (Strava), and $5.18 million (Peloton), respectively, in January 2024.

statista fitness apps revenue in 2024

The popularity of home workouts has risen since the pandemic, with more people wanting to train virtually or from the comfort of their living rooms. Because of this, an online personal training app is a fantastic investment for personal trainers and fitness businesses. 

In this article, we'll show you how to join this fitness technology revolution and outline how a personal training app makes client management easier and more effective.

How to Use a Personal Training App to Manage Clients Better

Here's how to use a personal training app to improve customer service and enhance your clients' user experience.

#1. Choose the Right Personal Training App

First, you must pick the right platform for effective client management using a personal trainer app. Think about what you need from the app. 

What do you want it to achieve? And how do you want it to work for your business? To enable the use of your personal trainer app as a client management tool, you must look for features that will be helpful and relevant to your clients.

Our software at PT Distinction offers several features that can enhance any fitness business' client experience design, including:

  • iOS and Android support
  • Third-party integrations
  • Video client technique reviews
  • Custom client assessments
  • Tailored workout program planning
  • Group training programs
  • Nutrition coaching and tracking
  • Individual and group messaging
  • Client habit tracking and results

#2. Customise Training Plans & Client Progress

It's essential to think of your personal training app as an extension of your services, like another team member.

Rather than seeing it as a bonus afterthought, consider making it part of the basic service you offer. 

You can do this by customizing the training plan on the app. Use the insights you gain from surveys and assessments to create tailored workout programs for individual clients.

You can also design meal plans and add custom recipes for each person.

Nutrition coaching within PT Distinction

In addition to creating these personal training plans for your clients, you can track their progress.

Our PT Distinction app enables trainers to track various progress metrics, including workout results, nutrition stats like calories, video technique review systems, and more.

You can use this data, client videos, live updates, and other progress markers to adjust your program efficiently.

#3. Focus on Client Engagement

Progress tracking is as important to your clients as it is to you as a trainer.

While you can use it to enhance and adapt programs and provide better customer service, your clients can use it to keep motivated and monitor their results.

An ideal personal training app should prioritize client interaction and engagement.

How can it transform their training experience and boost their morale?

Sure, some clients may respond to raw data and written program plans. Others may need to visualize their work and results, however.

Client progress examples

Your app should include visualizations, charts, feedback options, and more.

It should also enable your clients to input new information, build habits through task or activity lists, and give them reminders to keep them accountable. 

When people can engage with how far they've come and visualize their daily progress, they will be motivated to keep training.

#4. Communicate Regularly and Effectively

Another form of engagement that matters in a personal training app is communication. Sure, you may set tasks that clients receive, and you can monitor their progress.

Sometimes, however, direct communication may be just what you need to engage clients.

Communication helps you connect with clients. It is also essential for client satisfaction to make people feel less like they're working with a device or robot and more like they have direct personal support.

Use your app's communication features regularly. You can ask clients how they're doing, share personalized feedback, and suggest ways to improve their experience.

communicate with your personal trainer

In addition to reminding clients that you're there for them and care about their results, regular communication will help keep them accountable and dedicated.

#5. Offer Support and Celebrate Achievements

Motivation, mindset, and mental health are key aspects of the personal trainer-client relationship.

So, make sure you incorporate them into your app strategy.

You can remember important milestones in your clients' training by tracking and keeping tabs on each of them through your training interface. 

Driving client motivation can be as simple as commending them for finally nailing a technique they struggled with.

You can plan a celebration for greater achievements, like meeting a huge fitness goal. You could offer them a discount or upsell your personal training service at a lower price, which will further encourage them to keep going.

The success of your personal training app depends on clients continuing their fitness journey with you.

Personal relationships drive motivation, which is essential for its success.

#6. Make Integrations Easy

Many people today use apps as an ecosystem of sorts, one platform supporting another.

By fusing several solutions, your app can provide clients with the holistic experience they need.

Integration capabilities can help you streamline payment processes, enhance client training, improve tracking capacity, and more.

The integrations PT Distinction supports include My Fitness Pal, MyZone, YouTube, Vimeo, Apple Health, Fitbit, and more. The app integrates PayPal, Zapier, and Stripe for ease of payment.

PT Distinction Integrations

Use third-party integrations to design a seamless and well-rounded experience for your team and customers.

#7. Save Time Through Automation

There are many elements to providing a comprehensive personal training app experience.

When you evaluate what this asks of you, it seems overwhelming.

Effective and consistent management is required, from creating workout programs to developing training content, assessments, communication, and more.

Automation, pre-scheduling, and templates can reduce admin time and simplify client management.

Use automation to optimize workflows for repetitive and time-heavy tasks, design set packages that are always available for purchase, and onboard new users.

Automation and pre-scheduling can also help you stay on top of your communications by setting times for message delivery in advance.

Automations in your PT App

Client management can also benefit from pre-designed templates for various training assessments, such as assessments, surveys, forms, nutrition planning, and more.

PT Distinction offers the above automated administrative management features to help you make the most of your personal training software.

#8. Monitor and Adapt

Staying flexible is essential as you test out and integrate your new personal training app.

Try to learn all the different features. Ask the software support team for insights into the functionality. Investigate improvement areas and issues and find solutions that work. 

If clients struggle to navigate the system, for example, find ways to guide and onboard them effectively.

Evaluate and reflect on the app and its role and adapt as necessary.


A personal training app offers many benefits to personal trainers and fitness businesses.

Whether you run a gym or fitness studio or provide personal training sessions, you can use training software to improve your performance.

An app can reshape how you operate and manage clients, upgrade user experience, and support overall client goals, needs, and results.

Leverage the power of technology to create an exceptional fitness experience and manage clients better.

Feel free to join our 1-Month Free Trial to experience how PT Distinction can help you do that, or contact us today, and we'll help you get started on this journey to a new and improved version of your fitness company.

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