A Personal Trainer's Guide to TikTok Marketing


Jul 23, 2021

By Tim Saye

If you're a personal trainer seeking to promote your brand, then you can't overlook social media marketing. Not only does it increase your brand awareness and increase website traffic, but it also improves your SEO rankings and builds better client satisfaction. Moreover, you can reach vast potential clients without breaking the bank while building your brand authority and credibility. Therefore, you may wish to leverage this marketing resource if you haven't already. 

Although there are various social media platforms to choose from, TikTok has shown potential for effective digital marketing. Statistics show that TikTok is the 7th most-used social network and has over 130 million active users just in the US, making it easier to reach potential clients. It's worth recognising that Younger adults between 18-29yrs prefer Tik Tok. If that's your target market, it might be worth learning how you can connect with them via Tik Tok. So, here's a guide to help you understand how it works and how you can reach your potential clients.

Step 1. Ascertain If TikTok Suits Your Marketing Objectives

Although many businesses excel in TikTok marketing, you need to determine if it's the right platform for you. It would suck to invest your time without getting tangible results, making it imperative your marketing objectives align with TikTok's users. For starters, ensure that your target audience is on the platform. For instance, TikTok hosts the younger population, making it ideal for targeting this age group. 

However, you don't have to fret if you're aiming for a more mature audience, as a TikTok survey revealed that older people are becoming more active on the platform. Besides, you may face little competition and carve a niche for yourself should you embrace this platform. Therefore, conduct your research to work out if you want to leverage TikTok as a marketing platform.

Step 2. Understand TikTok

It's prudent to understand the platform if you wish to utilise it effectively for your marketing goals. TikTok thrives on creative content, making it important to pattern your strategies around it. For instance, this platform features music-focused videos, lip-syncing, dancing, comedy, and DIY craft, among others. 

Therefore, you have to pattern your content after these trending formats to gather the needed attention for your brand. By all means, avoid boring content as TikTokers are all about fun and excitement. You also want to understand its terms and conditions, navigation, and how to create and share content. 

Step 3. Develop Your TikTok Profile

Now, you want to create your profile for TikTokers to notice. Fortunately, it's not a complex process, and you only need a few minutes to execute it successfully. First, install the app from Google Play or the App Store. You can then click on the notifications tab, where you'll be prompted to sign up on the platform. 

Follow the instructions while providing a valid phone number and email address, and change your profile picture on the edit profile option on the profile tab. You can incorporate the username on your other social media platforms to boost your visibility. 

Step 4. Create Exciting Content

Since TikTok is about having fun, it's vital to create content that will appeal to your audience. Fortunately, the platform is evolving to accommodate health and wellness content, making it prudent to create videos along that line. You can also post videos of home-friendly workouts and tips for your audience to try out. 

You may also want to go beyond exercise and include food recipes that promote healthy living and other healthy habits to cultivate. Perhaps, you can give your expert advice on what workouts to embrace or avoid. Remember, there are no defined criteria to follow, giving you the liberty to unleash your creativity. Fortunately, you don't need much to create a video; your smartphone is an excellent tool to leverage. 

Step 5. Find Your Style

With many fitness trainers on TikTok, you'd want to create a unique style to stand out from the crowd. People would expect workout videos
 and tips from personal trainers. You may not get the needed exposure if you only stick to these so it's a good idea to experiment with various options and determine what sets you apart. For instance, many people know that working out involves sweat, panting, and less smiling. Therefore, you can get messy, show the sweat and the hard work. By doing this, you'll relate more with people and gather a larger audience. You may also create comedy skits of workout struggles to amuse your audience as they seek to keep fit. Suppose you're unsure of what content to post. You check out the app for various fitness content and identify the dominant pattern across the videos. However, it will be best to brainstorm for other additions to distinguish your brand. 

Step 6. Try The Cross-Promotional Technique

Cross-promotion on social media allows you to share your content across multiple platforms to increase your brand awareness. Fortunately, you can distribute your videos efficiently on Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, among others. However, cross-promotion requires you to learn the proper strategies to utilise this helpful tool. 

For instance, you'd want to avoid cross-posting in a way that can have you tagged insincere and lazy. Instead, understand each platform and its users to help you tailor your content to suit their needs. You'd also want to include the links of your other platforms to your TikTok profiles and ensure your video format fits other platforms. In essence, you need to be deliberate about your cross-promotion to build your credibility and earn client loyalty. 

Step 7. Enjoy Yourself

Although you're seeking to market your brand, you don't have to be so serious-looking all the time. You might even be tagged boring if you don't lighten up and have fun. Allow yourself to enjoy the process and stay authentic. Have a smile and even throw in jokes when giving fitness tips, or eat a nice meal as you emphasise the need to eat healthily. 

There is no limit to your creativity on TikTok, making it a platform to promote your brand. While you might struggle initially, consistent practice will give you the needed knowledge and skill to execute authentic fitness marketing on the TikTok platform.