6 Weekly Habits To Grow A Big Online Training Business

Dec 13, 2016

By Tim Saye

Here's 6 habits that when done at least once a week will bring you great success online.

1) Create regular videos and post them on Facebook

Video is King when selling online services. Video lets you share great information, show your face, show your services and build a relationship with your audience far quicker than the written word. People trust someone they can see and hear! Simple tips and demos work well.

To see some of the videos we post on Facebook join the PT Distinction Facebook Group here.

2) Upload all videos to your YouTube Channel and email out to your list.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. To be found there by people after the type of information you give will be another huge source of new clients.

By emailing a link to your current list, or embedding it in your blog and emailing links to that, you'll get even more viewers and build a relationship with more people.

Click here to see how to rank your videos high on YouTube

3) Email your list at least once per week.

Even if your email list is small, you should regularly send them quality emails. Try to show your personality and share great advice.

Emailing one to seven times a week is a brilliant way to build relationships, help many people, showcase your clients' success stories and offer your paid services.

4) Blog weekly to help with your Google rankings and build expert status.

A simple way to do this is to copy and paste an email, reconfigure it a little and post it as a blog.

You can also embed videos from your YouTube channel and write a description of the video to create a vlog, which will give a massive search engine boost.

Then post links to your blog on all your social media outlets.

5) Do a Facebook Live once a week at the same time on the same day each week.

Live broadcasts on Facebook have a big reach. They also allow viewers to interact with you and feel like they're really getting to know you. Right now, Facebook Live may be the fastest way there is to build the all important 'know, like and trust' that good marketers talk about all the time.

By doing it at the same time each week, you can build up a following of people who know when you're on and tune in to see you. You can become their favourite TV show!

6) Learn new things

Learning new stuff is awesome and makes you better at what you do. By constantly learning, the service you provide will always get better so clients will stay for longer and refer your services to more people.

It also gives you constant new material to make videos and blogs about.

Courses, books (if you don't like reading, audio books are great!), podcasts, videos, documentaries etc. will all make you a better trainer. Learn something new as often as possible and always be willing to apply it and talk about it.

While this is down as a weekly habit, it could certainly be in the daily section!

If you consistantly follow these 6 habits each week all you need is something awesome to sell to your new online clients, you can create this using PT Distinction.