5 Habits to Build a Great Online Training Business

May 12, 2017

By Tim Saye

Success as an online personal trainer can simply come down to the regular small actions you take each day and each week. While there are a few other things to put in place such as great personal training software,, Facebook ads and a website that converts these daily habits are fundamentals that when done consistently separate those who do really well from those who don't.

I have put these habits in order of what will likely give you the most result for your effort. The key is consistency so if you can only find time to do two of these every day then stick to the top two, if you have a bit more time each day then add the others.

1) Serve your clients, and be good at it!

This one is pretty obvious but should definitely be mentioned.

You can be the best marketer in the word, but if your service and end product is rubbish nobody's going to stick around and your business will eventually fail. By not only helping clients get great results but also going the extra mile and building relationships with them, you'll keep them long-term and get referrals whenever you ask. Your reputation will grow and new clients will eventually start seeking you out.

This is without a doubt the most important habit in any business. To get clients and keep them when your service is amazing is easy; to do it when your service is poor is like trying to fill a bath with the plug out.

2) Post in FB groups where your clients hangout.

Be helpful and not salesy.

These days when you want to find out information there are 3 places you go - Google, YouTube and Facebook. When you want recommendations from like minded people you ask in a Facebook Group.

By giving information freely in Facebook Groups that contain your ideal client, you will become top of the list when people ask in the groups what personal trainer they should use or how they can lose an extra x lbs etc. When you're seen as an expert and recommended by someone's peers you will get a lot of interest in your services.

3) Post on FaceBook regularly.

Don’t make it about you, be entertaining and informative.

Entertaining is easy- simply show your personality. If something makes you laugh, and is appropriate to your audience, then share it. When writing your own posts, make it relative to your audience but light hearted.

To be informative is simply to share great information- don't hold anything back in the hope of selling it to them later as a “secret trick”. Give everything you have and show yourself as the expert- a trustworthy source of genuinely useful advice. What you then sell is structure and help implementing the guidance you give.

4) Post regularly on Twitter using trending hashtags like #MotivationMonday #WorkoutWednesday

When sharing information, consistency is vital. While the quality of what you say is important, consistency is what builds relationships and trust. Chose a frequency you can stick to and post on Twitter on a regular basis. One or two Tweets a day is a good place to start.

Using popular hashtags will mean more people get to see your posts; people who then have the opportunity to like what you say and start following you. Each follower can be a potential client, or can refer you to others.

5) Use the Twitter search box to connect with clients who need your help. (Search: I need a Personal Trainer/ I want a Personal Trainer etc.)

The Twitter search box allows you to find people who've made certain requests or comments. If someone's posted, “I need a personal trainer,” or, “I need to lose weight,” you can bet they're a decent lead.

Don't go in and pitch your services; simply go and say, “Hi, How can I help you out?”. Start the conversation and see where it leads.

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