3 Ways to Make More Money and Help More Clients

Jul 5, 2019

By Tim Saye

Many personal trainers and online personal trainers want to increase their income, but most importantly, they also want to change the lives of their clients and members. So here's three simple ways that you do both things at exactly the same time.

1) Offer an online group program

As an online trainer it's very easy to offer a low cost group package. This is something that pretty much anyone can afford to join. This type of package offers group communication and the group atmosphere so many people enjoy from classes in the gym, or clubs such as Weight Watchers. Everyone in the group follows very similar programs, and they communicate together and work together at the same time.

This is a low cost option that's available for lots of people. You can almost run this to an unlimited number of clients when setting it up on PT Distinction.

Here we discus what goes in to quality online group training.

2) Have a high price premium option

This is pretty much a concierge service for your clients, and involves more personal communication than any other form of training. It's priced much higher and is dictated around your client's life, around what they want, and what they need, everything is provided in the way that they want it. This may be more time consuming to offer than standard online training but does get incredible results.

You'll probably find that not too many people actually sign up for this service, but it has three distinct bonuses for your business growth:

- It's higher priced, so if people sign up your revenue goes up very quickly.

- The service you can provide is excellent, so you'll always get results with these clients.

- The high priced package makes your other packages look cheaper, so your normal one-to-one training package suddenly looks like a great deal, and more people will sign up for that.

Here Ash from PTD Ninja talks to Tim Drummond about how to set up high value packages to get outstanding results how to set up high value packages to get outstanding results.

3) Look for corporate clients

This is a really easy way to dramatically boost your income and get lots of clients in one go. To begin with look to attract local companies because you can get in front of them easily. Local companies may also know you and your work.

Companies like offering this kind of bonus to their staff because it's a low cost way for them to improve the overall package and the overall health of their staff. If they want to give staff a pay rise, they have to think about things like national insurance, holiday pay, maternity pay, paternity pay, and pension contributions. All of these things really add to the cost of giving staff pay rise.

Therefore putting in bonuses like online coaching is a very low cost way for them to increase the overall package for their staff and to improve their productivity.

One or two corporate clients will give you a great boost to your overall revenue and a great chance to help a lot of people.