What to do if your Challenges Aren't Converting

Mar 13, 2018

By Tim Saye

You run an online challenge, get good engagement, clients follow your challenge and get great results. Then comes the part where you convert them in to your long term packages and they all decide they can go it alone and get long term results without you. What went wrong?...

While it would be great if all clients could get long term results after doing a 3 week challenge the statistics (and the laws of diminishing returns) prove this is not the case for most people.

...This post looks at the things you may have missed and how you ensure your challenge members convert in to your long term packages to get long term results.

Whenever you do a challenge, a trial or any form of client generation you should always think about dropping a breadcrumb trail:

1 - Make sure everybody knows you have long term coaching that you will sell them at the end of the challenge. I know it sounds obvious but make this clear and make sure people know about it from day 1.

2 - Drop in regular stories and testimonials from your long term clients. Tag them in your challenge groups as well if you can so that they can chat to your current challengers.

3 - Talk about the laws of diminishing returns and why it's so important to consistently work on new habits and adjust the training you do to keep getting results. Even though very few people will click them I would drop in some links to scientific studies here just as subtle proof.

4 - Drop in a couple of stories of clients that did brilliantly on their challenge, who loved how easy it was and thought they could go it alone. Sadly 3 months later they're back to square one.... I would even say on these that this message is here to ensure you don't make the same mistake that set these guys back 4 months.

As people are naturally programmed to follow what they see everyone else doing I would always add to these messages that luckily most people join the long term package and get amazing results like... (then enter another long term clients result!). The reason for this is that you want the social proof to indicate that most people join your long term package and not to indicate that lots of people go it alone.

Most people really do follow the crowd, think about how you chose a restaurant. If you see one that's packed and one that's empty, even if you know very little else about the two restaurants you assume the busy one is better and chose that one.

5 - Have a round up video at the end of the challenge.

Your round up video should go a little like this;

- This is what we have done.
> these are the results everyone got
> This is why you all got great results
> This is why doing the same thing will stop bringing you results soon
> This is how to get long term results... (If you want to take away the guesswork of getting long term results then join my program here .... add a link to sign up!) Just like these guys did....

(if you have a video montage of successful clients talking about how amazing your program is and how it changed their lives then add it in here.... If not then try to make one!

To ensure your clients get it I would send this video through the app messenger in the worlds premier online personal training software.

6 - Have a compelling offer that encourages people to sign up now rather than some time later.

Good options for this include:

- A special discount available for all challengers for 24 hours after the challenge finishes,
A special prize draw with an awesome prize (maybe a top of the range tablet to follow their coaching on, or a Spa/ beach weekend away to feel great in their new body) where you will pick out a winner from all people that sign up before the draw.

- Have a limited number of spaces available in your long term packages so if you don't sign up now you may not get a place.

- The most effective strategy to get people to sign up now though is simply to have a date after which they can't sign up until you open the doors to new members again.

Chose one method, make sure it's genuine, that you're true to your word and go with it.

Once you have these things in place your conversion rates should be very high and you should fill your long term packages nicely.

With that said you should always add every past challenger in to an email group, and your Facebook group if you have one and keep following up with great content and occasional offers to join your services again.

This post came from a discussion in our Facebook Group started by the awesome Ged O'Hara.